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JDownloader error message invalid download path solved

With the so-called JDownloader 2, various parts can be downloaded that actually come from a hoster. However, it is not uncommon for an error to occur. The following guide deals with exactly such an error, which is called "invalid download path". Readers will learn what they can do in such a case and get some practical tips.

jdownloader invalid download path

What can I do if the error message invalid download path appears with JDownloader?

If the error message "invalid download path" appears when using JDownloader, a wide variety of measures can help. First of all, the settings of the popular programme are called up. There must be a suitable folder somewhere. To do this, click on the Download directory button. Then right-click on the folder. The next step is to call up the. Properties and Security are called up.

On the next page, the user can then see which persons have access to the respective folder. In addition, the rights can also be adjusted and changed here. To do this, click on the "Advanced" button. If different administrators are working on the respective PC, they should all have full access.

Folder does not exist

The error message mentioned above occurs with JDownloader if the folder does not exist for some reason or the respective rights cannot be adjusted as described above. But this is not a problem either. In this case, a new folder would simply be created for all downloads.

Further measures that help with the error message invalid download path with JDownloader

If the measures mentioned above have had no effect and there is already a folder for the downloads, the next step is to check that the download path has been entered correctly. There must be no typing errors or spaces. Because then the whole thing can already go wrong. If such errors are noticed, they are corrected immediately and in many cases the error message is no longer visible. The latter can also appear on the screen if the name of the download file is simply too long.

File name too long or wrong

In this case it therefore makes sense to rename and shorten them. To do this, right-click on the file and then select the "Rename" button. Ideally, we choose a new name similar to the original one, but not as long. This makes it easier to identify and assign the file.

Reinstallation helps

If the error message persists and all the above-mentioned measures have had no effect, in many cases the only solution is to reinstall the programme. This is usually done in a few minutes and is often sufficient to solve the problem.

I hope that you could be helped and that the error message Invalid download path no longer appears with JDownloader. Otherwise just write a comment and explain your problem. The community will surely help you to solve the error.

Here are the instructions on how to set up the JDownloader with Linksnappy.

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Jo 6 May 2022 at 09:42

I also have this problem "invalid download path". I download the same download address again, the link appears in the link collector, add it in Download despite "duplicated link", disable the old link (invalid download path) and start the new link, and it downloads! The problem: the file downloaded with the old link is lost! The new link also creates a new download directory! If someone can help me, please an explanation for "dummies".


Toby 25. August 2023 um 08:28

Super Artikel, hat mir wertvolle Archivdateien gerettet!


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