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Tezfiles Premium Account 2024

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Description is an Internet cloud file storage hosting service, which is specifically designed for hosting user files. This hosting service allows its users to upload files and access them on computer, tablet, smartphone or any other networked device via the Internet. These are the main features of

Functions and special features file hoster has a number of features and specialties. These include the unlimited storage space available in the premium account. However, it is possible that the files might be deleted in case of a longer period of inactivity. In this regard, this hosting service offers that the maximum file size for uploads is 10 GB. The file hoster allows you to stream video files that are hosted there directly in the browser.

Advantages of the Premium Account

Tezfiles is one of the leading cloud storage or backup network that offers you a fast and secure and safest download and upload of your files. Sharing files and retrieving them is also very simple. To benefit from these advantages, you just have to set up the account. Another advantage is that you can use a browser of your choice. The accessibility to your data is very simple. You can also access your data from anywhere. Your content is stored in your box, which you can also synchronize for your used terminals and devices. Another advantage is that this hosting service uses data encryption for the security of your data, which protects against unwanted actions by unauthorized users. Besides, compared to the basic account, you have unlimited storage space and can upload files with a maximum size of 5 GB.

Tezfiles Premium Account

Download speed

The download speed is unlimited. This means that there are no delays between downloads. In addition, there is support for download accelerators and the possibility to simply continue interrupted downloads. The Premium Account also guarantees that you won't have to endure any advertising. As you can see, if you choose the Premium Account, you will open up a world of numerous options that you have on Tezfiles. Ultimately, this also includes the link sharing function, which of course also applies to the Premium Account. This means that you, as an employee or student, can still make your data available online to your department head or professor when you are in the home office or homeschooling.

Watch movies with

With the Premium account, it is even possible to watch streaming movies. Tezfiles not only offers cloud storage services, but also online access to a really large library of high-quality movies and videos. By using the premium account, the streaming speed and also the quality of the videos is significantly influenced. You can also download movies from the streaming offer and put them into your storage.

Costs of the Premium Account

If you opt for a Tezfiles Premium account, you can get great discounts for a longer duration of the offer. If you choose a 30-day premium account, you will pay $13.99 per month. If you decide to use the Premium Account for 90 days, i.e. for three months, you will pay 34.99 US dollars. If you choose a term of 365 days, i.e. one year, you will pay $99.99. And if you know that you want to use Tezfiles service for at least five years, you will pay $119.99 all at once. As you can see, you can get great discounts the longer the term is.

If you are not satisfied with Tezfiles Premium account, they offer you to get your money back - provided that you did not create the account more than seven days ago.

Tezfiles Cost Premium Account

Upload information

With Tezfiles - whether you use the basic or premium account, you can upload numerous files. Everything that does not violate the DMCA guidelines. This applies to videos, photos and also documents. The files are checked for their permitted content, especially whether you have permission from the respective owner to upload this data. You can then share the approved data with the general public. The difference between the Basic Account and the Premium Account is that the maximum file size for the Basic Account is 500 MB per file and for the Premium Account 5 GB.

Download information

When it comes to downloading, there are also very big differences between the basic account and the premium account. Using the account for free means that you have a daily download limit of 1 GB. As a premium account user, you can download as many times a day as you want. Basic account users have to wait 30 seconds between downloads. As a premium account user you don't have to wait between downloads. You can even run multiple downloads in parallel.

Security and privacy

The security of this file hosting service should be a reason for you to be interested in this service - especially with the Premium account. Because with this account, the service does not allow other users to access your files without your permission. Moreover, since the files are shared via links, it is necessary that the account information for accessing the files is not necessarily disclosed. This way, the privacy of you and the data you have uploaded is guaranteed at the same time.


If you already use the Internet cloud file storage hosting service, then you should opt for the Premium account. The reason for this is that with this account you have a lot of possibilities to store your data. Moreover, you can even watch movies via streaming. In addition, you have the possibility of a much better download speed and you can also upload a larger amount of data at the same time. In any case, if you decide to use this hosting service, take advantage of the discount offer for a longer term.

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