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Set up a Rapidgator Premium Account with JDownloader 2

If JDownloader is used, then it is recommended to use a premium account to avoid the advertisements or to enable faster downloads and a higher data volume for downloading multiple files in the first place. It is very helpful when used with other programmes and file hosts, such as Rapidgator or Uploaded, to quickly make data available for one's own social media presence or to back up files that might get lost. The following steps will show you how to do this. You can also use it to download YouTube videos and other files from file hosts. The limits of the programme depend on the account and its version.

With such a premium account, you achieve much higher download rates than with a free account with advertisements and captchas, which can also become a problem and loss for your own files due to the virus danger from pop-ups. In addition, the working memory is burdened by the temporary files and other programmes running alongside could suffer from the application and be limited in their speed. This can be avoided by setting up a premium account to save time and nerves.

JDownloader settings

First, start JDownloader, go to the "Settings" tab and select the tab of the same name. Then go to the account management if you are not already there and create a new account under "Accounts". This is done by clicking on the button "Add". Then select the file hoster you want to use (for example, Rapidgator or Linksnappy) and enter your login data. This means the personal data for the respective file hoster and then you confirm this by clicking on the "Save" button.

activate jdownloader premium account

Activate Premium Account

An active account should now have a green tick in the account management, while inactive accounts have a grey mark. Under an "expiry date" you can see when the premium account loses its validity.

One optimised option is JDownloader2 from the official website of the same name, which can then also download YouTube videos (and not just files from file hosts) in order to watch or listen to them offline and anywhere.

When starting the programme for the first time, it is recommended to click on "Updates" so that the programme is automatically updated. Then the principle works similarly to JDownloader (see above). In addition, there is a link list that can be filled with URLs (from file hosts and YouTube videos) and the Ctrl-C - Ctrl-V combination from the clipboard.

The link collector recognises the URLs and takes over all links that are present in them. In a link container, all links from the website or URLs are collected in order to trigger a quantity download. To do this, you only have to open the file and decide to load a link container. You can protect these archives with passwords. Then you mark all links and type the password into the field "Archive password". This can be introduced in the settings to protect the files from unauthorised access, or also when saving in the storage directory.

To start the download, select the link entry with the right mouse button and click on the field "Start all downloads" in the tab. The programme now loads all files, checks the archives and unpacks them at the same time.

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