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Mediafire Pro Premium Filehoster Test 2023

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Pricefrom 3.75$ per month
Traffic Limit1000 GB
Download Speed (Free)4 MB per second
Multihoster supportLinsknappy
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Description is a share host that appeared on the market in 2006. The company is headquartered in Harris County, Texas. The share host has a client version for Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, IOS, Blackberry and the web app. If you use this service, you can opt for the basic version or for the paid variant. Only the premium account allows you to share files with other users.

Mediafire Pro Offer

Introducing: MediaFire, a powerful file hosting service that helps individuals and businesses securely store, share, and manage their digital content. With MediaFire Pro, you get 1 TB of storage, the ability to download multiple files, and an ad-free experience. Best of all, you can try it for free for 30 days!

MediaFire Pro offers the highest level of data security and privacy. All files are stored on secure server clusters with 256-bit AES encryption, so only you or the people you choose can access your data. Plus, you have full control over who can access your files - you can set different permissions for each user so they can access only what they need. Plus, all transfers are encrypted end-to-end with SSL/TLS to protect your data as it travels over the Internet.

For those who need even more features than the standard plan offers, MediaFire Pro is available for just $69.99 per year ($5.83/month). Included is unlimited storage (1TB per user) with no size limit, advanced sharing features like password protection and expiration dates for shared links, and full control over who can view or download your files at any time. And if you want to upgrade or downgrade your subscription or cancel at any time - no problem! Your subscription will be automatically adjusted accordingly - so it's easier than ever to start using this fantastic file hosting service today!

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Functions and special features has some features that you will like. Even in the basic account you have 10 GB of storage space available. You can choose via your account that you can publish the downloads publicly or privately. If you choose the paid accounts, you have the choice between the versions "Professional" and "Business". These two accounts offer more storage space than the basic version and also a persistent data storage. In the paid version it is possible that you can encrypt the data. This refers to entire archives. Advertising and download captchas are also waived in the paid accounts.


With the Professional version and the Business version there is the possibility to publish the downloads publicly and privately. With it is possible to share and organize your links online. In the free basic version of this share hoster, the links contain advertising. In the paid versions you can share ad-free links and at the same time you have password protection and secure one-time links. In the business version, there is also a completely customized interface with security log and employee management for up to 100 users. This account is therefore ideal for companies, not only because of the possibility of ad-free downloads.


To start an upload at a registration is necessary - even in the basic version. In the basic version of this share host, offers 10 GB for free with the registration. If you recommend the share hoster to others within the free account and they also register, you can increase the cloud storage space up to 50 GB. You can choose between the professional version and the business version here. As you might have guessed, the Business version offers the most storage space. However, the storage space of the Professional version is not to be scoffed at either. However, no matter what storage space is available to you - you can only upload a limit of 200 MB professional file to your account on the platform. Individual uploads can be up to 20 GB in size. If you cannot cope with these limitations, i.e. the storage space in the cloud is not enough for you, then you can upgrade to a paid version.

Advantages of premium accounts over basic accounts

You have many advantages when you choose one of the two premium accounts compared to the basic account. For example, the Professional and Business accounts allow you to share files online with other users (which is also possible in the basic version), and the two paid accounts also allow you to back up files. This is possible with the help of a web interface or the desktop software that has to be installed. An advantage of the premium accounts is that they do without advertising and download captchas, which is an obstacle with the basic version. As a premium customer at, you will also be treated courteously when it comes to customer service. The support team is available via email 12 hours a day. The personal support takes place in English. Paying customers are treated with priority. As a premium customer, you also have access to the extensive knowledge base.

Cost of the two premium accounts is free in the basic version with 10 GB. The professional version includes 1 TB of storage and is priced at $4 per month. This version is designed for a single user. In the Business version, the sharehoster has space for 100 users at a time and has sizes ranging from 3 TB to a stately 100 TB. The basic version of the business account costs $40 per month, and the premium version costs $2,700 per month. For the premium accounts, you can choose between a monthly and an annual payment method or term.

Security and privacy

Security can be considered a flaw with this share host. This is because the weakness of Mediafire lies in the aspect of security. However, there is one point that can be considered as security and that is the one-time links. These are file sharing links that work only once for secure sharing of sensitive data. Therefore, to maintain privacy, it is safe to secure your data before uploading it to the cloud by encrypting it manually. However, you should know that following a ruling by the European Court of Justice in June 2020, the Privacy Shield agreement between the US and the EU was declared invalid. This means that the use of and the exchange of data on this portal is quite insecure. This means that the data transfer via Mediafire currently contradicts the European data protection laws. This means that you could face a warning or a fine if you use this service. In the USA, however, 80 percent of companies rely on the Mediafire solution when it comes to using a cloud.

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