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Today we take a look at the cloud service and file hoster The provider has existed since 2006 and has constantly improved its service. It is one of the few providers that still offer a free account with up to 300 KB/s download speed. The Premium Account promises considerably more advantages.

The Premium Account advantages:

  • Fast download speed
  • Support from the Download Manager (Jdownloader)
  • Parallel downloads
  • Anonymous downloads
  • No waiting time and advertising

Download test

We take a close look at and test the download speed with the free account and several multihosters. We uploaded a 300 MB test file to Filer and used the Chrome browser without VPN or other extensions.

  • Is the Premium Account worth it?
  • Can you work with the free account?
  • Which multihosters support
  • How fast is the download speed?

Free Account Filer

Before you can start the download with a free account, you must first wait 60 seconds. After the waiting time, you have to solve a captcha and then you can start the download.

The free account at does not quite live up to its promise. The download speed varies between 180 and 192 kilobytes per second. The value is high compared to other file hosts and is quite respectable. For 300 MB, we would need about 26 minutes. We could download a radio play or an e-paper comfortably.

Update 04/21/2022: Today I could only download at a maximum of 30 KB per second with Filer's free account.

filer free account filer free account Multihoster Test

With the Multihoster we have achieved very good results. We were able to download from at maximum speed and fully utilised our 50 Mbit internet line. We had an average speed of about 7 MB per second. We have already had very good experiences with this multihoster with other one-click hosters and can recommend it with a clear conscience.

filer net test mbit line

Linkifier Multihoster

With Linkifier we also had no problems and had good experiences. The download started immediately and fully utilised our temporary 16 Mbit line. We downloaded the file from at about 2 MB per second and thus reached our maximum speed. We can also recommend the multihoster Linkifier.

filer net linkifier test

Linksnappy Premium Test

The Multihoster Linksnappy we usually praise for its good service, accessibility and download speed. Unfortunately, we could not reach the file hoster with Linksnappy today, although the hoster is actually supported. We will try again to reach files from in the next few days and make an update on the test.

Update 5.3.2020:

We tried again on the same day to download the file from with Linksnappy. This time it worked without any problems. Again, we used our Telekom line from the stone age with 16 Mbit and reached almost 1,000 kilobytes per second. We also used the download manager recommended by Linksnappy. linksnappy problems

Update 15.07.2020:

We tested again today with the multihoster Linksnappy and were able to download at the full speed of our internet connection. For the test we used JDownloader 2 and the premium account of the multihoster Linksnappy. We achieved an average download speed of 7 MB per second, which is also the maximum of our line.

Filer Upload Test

The upload at runs without problems. I was able to upload the 500 MB test file in a few seconds via browser. My internet line was fully utilized.

Filer Test Upload

Costs Premium Account

The costs for a premium account are very reasonable compared to other one-click hosters and start at $4.16 per month if you buy an account directly for one year. There is a suitable term for every user. These start at 2 days and go up to a year. Of course, the costs become cheaper and cheaper per month. naturally wants you to commit to the service for as long as possible.

cost premium Account

Support offers its users a FAQ page in German and English. In addition, it is possible to write an e-mail directly to the support team. We did not find a Twitter account or a Facebook page.



  • The domain was registered as early as 1998.
  • In 2003, the domain was put up for sale.
  • In 2005, the search engine Seeq could be found at the address.
  • In 2006, the filehoster was seen for the first time. At that time, the maximum file size was still 100 MB.
  • The maximum speed in 2006 was still 600 kilobytes per second.
  • Since 2012, the One-Click-Hoster has existed in the design we know today.

Conclusion has a first-class offer and is a solid file hoster. If you only want to download smaller files, we recommend using a free account. This manages just under 200 kilobytes per second and smaller files such as audio books or e-papers can be downloaded relatively quickly.

If you often access the one-click hoster Filer and perhaps use other providers regularly, it is best to buy an account with a multihoster. You save waiting time, advertising and can download large files such as films or games quickly. We can recommend the provider provider. It is cheap, fast and offers good service.

If you often upload or download large amounts of data at, it is best to buy a premium account with the file hoster. This way you get the best support and can enjoy the best service. This way, even huge amounts of data such as films in HD or new computer games are no longer a problem.

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Bernd Schreiber 25 April 2020 at 01:23

No possibility to pay the monthly fee if you only have a simple EC card. No instant transfer, no direct debit, no bank transfer. There are people who don't like Paypal and don't have the other payment options and don't want them either. Herewith you bounce interested parties


Brett 29 April 2020 at 05:25

Then pay with a Paysafe Card, which you can buy almost everywhere (you can look for a sales point in the vicinity via the Internet).
Paysafe card codes up to 50 euros per card can be used without a Paysafe account.


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