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Pricefrom $7.49 per month
Traffic Limit1000 TB
Download Speed (Free)55 kilobytes per second
Multihoster supportLinksnappy
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The file hoster has been around since 2014 and has become increasingly popular in recent months. There is the possibility to register completely free of charge and also to enjoy a free service. But Alfafile has many more important advantages to offer, especially if you use a premium account. Download Speed Test

We test the download speed of the file hoster We have a 50 Mbit internet connection, the Chrome browser and a 500 megabyte test file that we have already uploaded. The test is from 01.03.2020 and took place at 1 o'clock.


Free Account Speed Test

Before we can download the test file with the free Alfafile account, we have to wait 60 seconds. This waiting time can only be avoided by purchasing the premium account. After the 60 seconds, we have to solve a captcha and click on the download button.

The maximum download speed was 52 kilobytes per second and dropped again and again to 45 kb/s. We would need between 3 and 4 hours for the 500 MB. Only those who have a lot of time should download with a free account from Multihoster Test

We tested with the multihoster At first, nothing happened at all. The file does not normally have to be cached first, but this time it does and that takes some time. After 1-2 minutes of waiting, it starts with maximum speed. The Alfafile test file is downloaded by Linksnappy at a good 7 megabytes per second. linksnappy download test

Update 15.07.2020:

We tested the filehoster again with the multihoster Linksnappy. With the Premium Account and JDownloader 2, we were able to download from at maximum speed again.

Alfafile linksnappy jdownloader2


Linkifier test

We have now tried to download the Alfafile test file with the multihoster Linkifier, but unfortunately the download did not work at the first attempt. On the Linkifier website, however, it says that the file hoster is supported. We will try again in the next few days to access the file with Linkifier.

Then it worked in the second attempt. We carried this out only 2 minutes later. We were able to download the Alfafile test file with the Linkifier website's download manager at maximum speed. We reached 7 megabytes per second, which means full utilisation of our 50 Mbit line. However, it must be mentioned that with Linkifier you are only allowed to download 2 GB per day from

linkifier alfafile test


Upload test

The upload of the test file went without problems. We use the Alfafile website and the Chrome browser for this. Our internet line was fully loaded and we needed just under 20 minutes for the 500 MB file.

alfafile uplaod speed test


Who is behind it and what service does the filehoster offer?

The company behind Alfafile is Yflex LLP, based in Ireland, whereby the complete address can of course be found on the provider's website. Of course, the provider also offers support, which can be reached in writing by email. This support is available immediately after registration, which is again very positive. The free account also offers some support, but whether this is enough depends on the amount of data. There is also an affiliate programme where everyone can earn money through their own recommendations.

What are the advantages of a Premium Account?

For one thing, much larger amounts of data can be downloaded at the same time, eliminating long waiting times. Of course, everyone should choose a premium account according to their personal needs. Therefore, there are of course also different offers that really meet all requirements.

Anyone can rent such a premium account for a month or up to a year. However, the prices are displayed here in dollars, which should perhaps be changed. This also applies to other pages that are still in English. Of course, security is also important here, which is of course available.

Are there any differences to other filehosters?

In order to determine what differences there are to other file hosts, a file host comparison should be made. Of course, this depends not only on the price, but also on the data volume. This is where the biggest differences exist, although there are of course some free providers. However, the data volume is very limited and could be used up quickly. Therefore, everyone should think carefully beforehand about which model to use.

In the same way, only a few filehosters also offer the possibility of earning money via their website or for their mediation. Therefore, a comparison should also be made here in order to really find the best provider. Everyone should think carefully about the offer of a premium account, especially when it comes to convenience. Because there are often long waiting times, which is completely unnecessary here. Everyone gets direct access to their files without having to wait.

How secure is the service? Is my data secure?

Of course, the service is secure, just like the data. No one has to worry about that then, because filehosters are professionals. Therefore, all security measures are taken to ensure that no unauthorised person can access sensitive data. This provider is constantly working on security so that users can be sure.

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