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Pricefrom € 6.11 per month
Download limit999 GB per day
Speedup to 150 MB/s
Filehoster70+ hosters
Payment methodsCredit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Paysafecard, Bitcoin, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Dash, Dogecoin, ETH
Duration7 days, 30 days, 90 days, 180 days

Overall assessment


"Test winner"

Hoster list
Over 70 filehosters
Download speed
Very good
Payment methods
Very good


LinkSnappy is not a simple file hoster. The service is a multihoster that provides access to many popular file hosts, according to its own website. The multihoster offers its customers a torrent client and can serve with a premium link generator. The torrent client is cloud-based.

In addition to the functions mentioned, LinkSnappy has other interesting features in its programme. The service can be tested free of charge. If you like it, various affordable premium memberships are possible, which we will explain to you below. LinkSnappy claims to be uncomplicated in payment and to enable secure transfer methods. There are various payment options available, which we also briefly mention below. You can test Linksnappy for 7 days for only $4.99.

Linksnappy Test Januar 2024

Wir haben den Multihoster Linksnappy getestet und sehr gute Ergebnisse erzielt. Für den Download-Test haben wir den JDownloader 2 benutzt, den Linksnappy Premium Account und eine 1000 Mbit Internetleitung. Die maximale Download-Geschwindigkeit der Leitung beträgt ca. 125 MB pro Sekunde. Mittlerweile sind die Filehoster, Oboom und Uptobox nicht mehr erreichbar. Alle anderen Filehoster konnten wir ohne Probleme erreichen und konnten mit fast maximaler Geschwindigkeit herunterladen. Am 21.05.2022 haben den Download Test noch mal mit einer 250 Mbit Internetleitung durchgeführt. Am 1.1.2024 haben wir den Text erneuert durchgeführt und diesmal endlich mit einer 1000 Mbit schnellen Kabel-Leitung.


FilehosterTest 1.1.2024 (1000 Mbit)Test from 21.05.2022 (250Mbit)Test from 27.10.2020 (250 Mbit)Linksnappy test from 31.07.2020 (250 Mbit)Linksnappy test from 15.07.2020 (50 Mbit)
DDL.to28 MB pro Sekunde24 MB per second25 MB per second16.5 MB per second6-7 MB per second
Keep2Share.com32 MB pro SekundeThe download links your provided are invalid.24 MB per secondDownload does not start (Captcha required)Only accessible in free mode
Turbobit.net25 MB per second24 MB per second25 MB per second18 MB per second7 MB per second
Filer.net32 MB pro Sekunde6 MB per second14.5 MB per second8.3 MB per second7 MB per second
5 MB pro Sekunde25 MB per second20 MB per second21 MB per second7 MB per second
Filefactory.com18 MB per second25 MB per second18 MB per second5.5 MB per second3-5 MB per second (formerly WDUpload)30 MB pro Sekunde24 MB per second18 MB per second15 MB per second7 MB per second
KatFile32 MB pro Sekunde24 MB per second20 MB per secondDownload does not start (Captcha required)7 MB per second
Rapidgator99 KB pro SekundeCouldn't start download in system24 MB per second16.5 MB per second7 MB per second
File.al24 MB per second19 MB per secondDownload does not start (Captcha required)1000 KB per second
OBoom.comNicht erreichbarDownload does not start24 MB per second14.5 MB per second7 MB per second (problems at start-up)
Uptobox.comNicht erreichbar24 MB per second24 MB per second27 MB per second7 MB per second
Uploaded.netNicht erreichbar25 MB per second24 MB per second15.5 MB per second7 MB per second

Update Test vom 01.01.2024: Endlich haben wir wieder etwas Zeit gefunden, um den Multihoster Linksnappy und die Filehoster erneut zu testen. Mit dem Premium Account haben wir hohe Download-Geschwindigkeiten von bis zu 32 Megabyte pro Sekunde erreicht. Einige Filehoster sind mittlerweile nicht mehr erreichbar und werden in Zukunft durch neue Filehoster ersetzt.

Update Test vom 27.10.2020: Nach 3 Monaten haben wir den Multihoster Linksnappy noch einmal getestet und konnten sehr gute Ergebnisse erzielen. Wir haben alle Filehoster ohne Probleme direkt erreicht und konnten fast immer mit maximalem Speed Downloaden. Besonders erfreulich ist, die hervorragende Unterstützung von und Keep2Share. Den Test haben wir um 2 Uhr morgens durchgeführt.  

Update test from 31.07.2020: I finally have a faster internet line. I now have 200 Mbit download speed for the test. Unfortunately, Vodafone's speed fluctuates a lot and keeps dropping to 80 Mbit. I have now renewed my Linksnappy Premium account for the test. The test was again very positive and I was able to download from most filehosters immediately at very high speed.


Left nappy test

Linksnappy Test from 15.07.2020 Status: Online

turbobit multihoster test 2020The hoster Turbobit konnten wir sofort mit Linksnappy (Stand 01.01.2024) erreichen und die Test Datei without problems download. We had an average speed of 25 MB per second beim Download. Auch wer größere Mengen von Daten bei Turbobit herunterladen möchte, der kauft sich am besten einen Linksnappy Premium Account.

Update 2024: Linksnappy funktioniert hervorragend mit Turbobit. Der Download der Datei startet sofort und die Download-Geschwindigkeit liegt bei ca. 25 Megabyte pro Sekunde.

Turbobit Download mit Linksnappy Premium Account

Update 2022: I was able to download at maximum speed from Turbobit. Linksnappy has improved significantly in that respect. My internet line was the bottleneck and probably even more than the 7 MB per second would have been possible.

Linksnappy Turbobit Test
leftnappy status turbobit

The download of the test file took just under 2 minutes. Our internet line was at 50% capacity. Status: Online

rapidgator premiumAlso the Rapidgator Premium Account is with linksnappy without problems reachable. We downloaded the test file again and could again 2 MB per second reach. If you want to download larger amounts of data, we recommend paying for a premium account with the hoster itself.

linksnappy premium account

Linksnappy works very well with Rapidgator. Status: Online & full speed

keep2share premium Account TestKeep2Share is becoming more and more popular and is one of the most expensive hosters on the market. A multihoster with Keep2Share support would be great, but unfortunately we could not find the filehoster with our Linksnappy Premium account today. not reach. Support for the file hoster K2S is also no longer promised. Nevertheless, you can find on the website that the filehoster should have an uptime of 70% (This information is outdated). We will test the access again at a later time. Better get one directly Keep2Share Premium Account.

  • Update 01.01.2024: Wir konnten mit 33 Megabyte pro Sekunde herunterladen.
  • Update 22.01.2020: We were able to download our test file from Keep2Share with Linksnappy without any problems.
  • Update 02.04.2020: Keep2Share is currently no longer supported by Linksnappy.
  • Update 09.07.2020: Linksnappy wrote on Twitter that Keep2Share is again available 23-24 hours a day. We tested it today and were able to download at maximum speed with JDownloader.
  • Update 05.05.2022: I could not reach Keep2Share with Linksnappy and had problems downloading.
linksnappy keep2share

Keep2Share test from 09.07.2020 with maximum speed

keep2share multihoster Test 2020

We were able to download at full speed with Linksnappy at Keep2Share. Premium Download?

The file hoster is becoming increasingly popular and has recently been supported by Linksnappy. The hoster is still in the test phase and no 100% support is promised. If we take a look at the Linksnappy hoster list, we find and the status is (experimental, uptime: 89%, 20GB / Day). We were able to reach the file hoster and had a maximum download speed of about 450 KB per second.

Update 2022: It took a short time and I was able to download at full speed with the multihoster Linksnappy from DDownload.

Linksnappy DDownload Test ddl left nappy speed test Test Status: Online

After short teething problems, I was able to download my file from the filehoster with Linksnappy. The speed was consistently high at just under 6 MB per second and only nearly maxed out my internet line.

Update 2024: Es hat wieder ein paar Sekunden gedauert bis der Download von gestartet hat, aber danach konnten wir mit über 31 Megabyte pro Sekunde von dem Filehoster herunterladen.

Filer Download mit Multihoster Linksnappy und Premium Account Status: Online

Die Dateien des Filehosters Emload waren direkt zu erreichen und der Download hat sofort gestartet. Wir haben dafür wie gewohnt den JDownloader2 und den ganz normalen Linksnappy Premium Account genutzt. Die Download-Geschwindigkeit lag bei fast 30 Megabyte pro Sekunde und die 500MB waren innerhalb von Sekunden auf unserer Festplatte.

Emload Linksnappy Premium Account Download with full speed in the test

Linksnappy Test UploadedOne of the most popular one-click hosters is This may be used in our Linksnappy Test of course, is not missing. In order to obtain a meaningful result on the Accessibility and to the Download speed we tried to download a 500MB file using the download form on the Linksnappy website. Unfortunately, we only had a 50 Mbit line available for our download test.

We downloaded the test file within about 2 minutes at 3-6 MB per second. It took a few seconds to reach the maximum speed of our internet line.

Update 2022: I was able to download the 500MB file at full speed. I first had some problems with the Chrome browser and then switched to JDownloader 2. With the download manager, the download started immediately and I was able to download the file without any problems.

Linksnappy uploaded test
linksnappy download speed

We were able to download the test file at almost full speed. with Linksnappy | Full Speed

In our Linksnappy test, we were able to download at full speed from the one-click hoster Oboom. Our 50 Mbit internet connection was fully utilised and downloaded the 500 MB test file at lightning speed. With 7.2 MB per second, Linksnappy is a great alternative to a premium account with Oboom.

oboom download test

From OBoom we were able to download at full speed using Linksnappy.

Linksnappy Test

Linksnappy Premium Costs

The premium account at Linksnappy costs about as much as a premium account at a single file hoster. So you can save a lot of money with Linksnappy and you are independent of the individual hosters. The team is constantly working to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that problems are fixed as quickly as possible. Linksnappy is so convinced of its service that it promises a 7-day money-back guarantee.

linksnappy cost premium account

Pay Paysafecard

For those who want to pay for their Linksnappy Premium Account with the Paysafecard, there are special offers.

linksnappy paysafecard pay

Torrent data

There is another offer. You can buy torrent packages from Linksnappy. Those who limit their downloads to torrent files can choose between three tariffs.

  • 250 GB per month for $4.99
  • 1 TB per month for $14.99
  • 2 TB per month for $24.99
linksnappy torrent traffic packages


The payment options

LinkSnappy enables secure payment via services such as Paypal. Anonymous payment options such as Paysafecard are also listed as payment options. In general, LinkSnappy offers various ways to pay for a subscription or premium access.

  • Payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard)
  • Payment via Paypal
  • Payment by Paysafecard (PSC)
  • Payment by 75+ cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin and many more)
  • Payment by instant bank transfer
  • Payment by bank transfer
  • Payment by GiroPay


What advantages does LinkSnappy offer?

LinkSnappy has various bonus offers in its programme with which a user can easily gain access to the multihoster. Various subscription options and payment methods are available. With a premium account, the various services of the multihoster and other filehosters can be used. The Multihoster is also described as user-friendly. In the following, we will go into more detail about the individual advantages and other aspects, such as data protection.

  • JDownlaoder 2
  • Browser Plugins for Chrome and Firefox
  • Linksnappy Load
  • Download in Premium Mode
  • 70 + Filehoster
  • Torrent files
  • Usenet connection


LinkSnappy - use more than 70 filehosters

linksnappy hoster statusLinkSnappy offers over 70 different filehostersthat a customer can use. On the website you can find the exact status of the hosters (online, offline, experimental). First of all, you can create a free account and set it up, as it were, in a Test phase use. During the test phase, you have the option of buying a premium account or using such an account by subscription.

To be able to use a premium account, you must register by e-mail or otherwise log in to LinkSnappy via social media, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter. If you would like to use the free account at first, keep in mind that some functions are limited and the data volume is also limited.

The Premium Account can be booked with different terms. You have the choice of activating or acquiring a premium account for 180 days, 90 days, 30 days or only for 7 days. A total of four Premium Account packages are available.


Linksnappy Hoster List

Here is the current Linksnappy hoster list (as of 18.01.2020)

HosterStatusDownload limit
RapidGatorOnline30 GB per day
DDL.toUptime: 98%20 GB per day
WDupload.comUptime: 89%34 GB per day
Keep2ShareUptime: 62%5 GB per day
NitroFlareOnline2 GB per day
oBoomOnline15 GB per day
KatFile.comOnline10 GB per day
File.ALUptime: 99%5 GB per day
HitFileOnline10 GB per day
TezFiles.comUptime: 88%5 GB per day
UbiqFile.comOnline5 GB per day
HotLinkUptime: 98%5 GB per day
EasyBytezUptime: 99%Unlimited
Xubster.comOnline10 GB per day
UpStoreUptime: 53%5 GB per day
FileNext.comOnline10 GB per day
DepositFilesOnline5 GB per day
SaleFiles.comOnline10 GB per day
AlfaFileOnline5 GB per day
Isra.CloudUptime: 96%5 GB per day
UploadGig.comUptime: 53%5 GB per day




Earn money with LinkSnappy (affiliate programme)

leftnappy earn moneyLinkSnappy offers you an interesting affiliate programme. You have the opportunity to take advantage of certain bonus offers. For example, you can use the Premium Account of Recommend LinkSnappy and through the recommendation also receive membership days as bonuses or even Earn money with Linksnappy.

The bonus is linked to certain conditions. A new user must be led to the multihoster via the so-called referral link. The membership must be created via this referral link. You can share your link from the affiliate programme with your friends and receive 30% commission on the first purchase and 30% on each extension of the premium account. The payment is conveniently made via Paypal, Bitcoin, Litecoin or Webmoney.


Voucher or discount

According to LinkSnappy, the new user can also benefit from a discount. If a premium account is created, the new user can receive a 5 per cent discount on the first order. If you sign up for a premium account, you can also get a voucher for Linksnappy. The vouchers are available for activation for 180 days or 90 days. The voucher is intended for advertising in the environment and can be given to friends, for example.


What payment options are available other than PayPal?

The premium account at LinkSnappy can be paid by debit card, credit card, Paysafecard and PayPal. Furthermore, various cryptocurrencies are also available as payment methods. You can find detailed information about the various payment options on LinkSnappy itself. Changes may occur from time to time.


What premium account costs can arise?

linksnappy multihoster premium accountIf you have the Multihoster LinkSnappy you would like to use, then you can Premium Account for 180 days. This costs $54.99 for 180 days. If you only want to use the account for 90 days, you pay $29.99. If you want to use the account for 30 days, you have to pay 12.99 dollars and 7 days 4.99 dollars. We do not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the costs listed. It is advisable to read the terms and conditions as well as the costs and payment conditions on the pages of carefully.


Data protection - what does LinkSnappy do about it?

linksnappy data protectionLinkSnappy provides, according to the service provider, for comprehensive data security. The data that is collected from you is also only used for certain required processes. For example, personal data must be collected for the payment process and registration. Contact cannot be established without personal data either.

You must also expect that your IP address will be recorded and that further data will be stored by LinkSnappy through directories, downloads or other functions. As with many other services, so-called demographic data is collected. The data is used to further develop the services and make them more convenient for the user. LinkSnappy also states that it may share the demographic information with advertising partners. LinkSnappy also uses cookies.

Linksnappy offers its users the option "Do not save my download logs", with this option you can deactivate the download log. Linksnappy basically tries to save as little information as possible.

Users have the option to disable download logs in their account area. In addition, the multihoster does not retain any payment information. The information is processed by the payment processor, which is a secure platform to encrypt and protect the data.


Customer Service and Support

linksnappy support EmailLinkSnappy naturally offers a customer service that you can use when you go to your account. Directly after logging in, you must look for the item "My Account". Various other menus can be found in the "My Account" submenu. There you will get to the Support centre. You can register directly in the Support Centre or you can already create a Ticket with questions or problems.

You can also check the ticket status in the support centre. As with many online providers, LinkSnappy also provides a FAQ. Your problems and questions may be answered there. If you prefer direct communication, you have the option of live chat.


Topics Operation and user-friendliness

According to test reports on the internet, LinkSnappy has a clear page layout. The structure allows users to read the most important information about LinkSnappy directly on the homepage. You can also register for LinkSnappy directly on the homepage. There you will also find the option to register for free. There are also user reports on the homepage itself.

It is advisable to read various tests on LinkSnappy before using it, and especially before creating a premium account, to see whether the service could be something for you. In addition, an initial free registration and a detailed test are recommended.

LinkSnappy also offers tutorials on the website on the correct use of the multihoster and explains its purpose. Information on account data and file hosts is also provided. LinkSnappy enables users to manage and download files. After logging in, the account pages also offer support options and upgrade options (premium upgrade). When using multihosters, make sure that they are only used legally.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions about the multihoster Linksnappy. If you still have a question, just write a comment and you will get an answer from us as soon as possible.

Can I download torrent files with Linksnappy?

Yes, with Linksappy you can also download torrent files.

Is Usenet supported?

No, Usenet is not yet supported.

Is JDownloader 2 supported?

Yes, there is a browser plugin for the Chrome and Firefox browsers. You can simply download it free of charge from the website.

Are there any vouchers or coupons for Linksnappy?

Yes, after you have bought a Premium Account, you will get 10% discount on your next order with the Coupon Code 10OFF.

Can I pay for the Premium Account with Paypal?

Yes, there are resellers at Linksnappy who accept Paypal.

Where can I redeem a Gift Voucher?

Simply scroll down to the Elite Membership menu item. Vouchers or gift vouchers can only be redeemed with a free Linksnappy account.


Field reports


helmut lieske 15 February 2020 at 08:25

I registered on 14.02. with my e-mail address. No reply yet



Knut 2 April 2020 at 17:23

Unfortunately, Keep2Share is no longer supported. This means that the unique selling point is off the table

Answers 2 April 2020 at 18:26

Thanks for the tip. I just checked and unfortunately Keep2Share is really no longer supported by Linksnappy.

Answers 4 May 2020 at 23:00

Keep2Share is currently supported again by Linksnappy. I tested it myself and was able to download from K2S at just under 1500 Kb per second.


Peter 18 April 2020 at 12:07

Hello,do I have to use a special downloader if I want to use Linksnappy ?


Sebastian 18 April 2020 at 13:29

you can simply use the Linksnappy website to download files. Of course, there is also the option of using JDownlaoder or another download manager, but it also works without.


Paul 1 May 2020 at 16:20

Unfortunately I found out that the daily download limit is 75GB and not 999GB per day.


Oliver 1. Mai 2020 um 16:32

Hi Paul,
the daily download limit is unlimited with many supported file hosts. However, some have a daily limit such as OBoom, WDupload, Katfile or Hitfile.


Paul 1 May 2020 at 16:51

JDownloader shows the daily limit under account management. It starts with 75GB of 75GB left, so I have a download limit of 75GB and not 999GB.


cwebb87 4 May 2020 at 22:58

So for me, download traffic left says "unlimited".


Kasto 20 January 2021 at 16:54

can I still use my VPN provider
with Linksnappy?
If so, how does it work if I want to log in to Linksnappy
with VPN already activated?

What happens if Linksnappy suddenly stops its service
or severely underperforms?

Isn't it safer to take out short-term subscriptions?

Thank you very much,
please stay healthy.


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