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Download YouTube videos with JDownloader 2023

Who hasn't experienced it: You've found a great video on YouTube and listen to it up and down. But to listen to the video offline, you have to download it. Unfortunately, this is only possible on YouTube with a paid subscription, with YouTube Premium. But with JDownloader 2, this problem is solved. You can download all (music) videos, films and the like from YouTube and other sites and watch and listen to them offline. Here you will find step-by-step instructions for JDownloader.

1. download JDownloader

Before you can save the videos on your computer or smartphone, you must first download JDownloader. Then go through all the necessary installation steps so that the installation can be started.

2. copy youtube video URL

Then you can open the JDownloader. Now go to YouTube and search for the video you want to download. In the browser, you can copy the link in the taskbar at the top. The copied link should start with "" on YouTube. To copy the link, highlight it and press the key combination "Ctrl" and "C", or press the right button on the mouse and select "copy" from the list.

3. use link grabbers (link collectors)

So that JDownloader knows which video it should download for you, you must now click on "Linkgrabber" in JDownloader. In the lower area you will now see the button "Add URL(s)". Click on it and paste the copied YouTube link with the key combination "Ctrl" and "V". Then click on "Parse URL(s)".

jdownloader left collector

4. select HD video quality

Now that the downloader knows which video you want to download, you can choose in which quality it will be downloaded. After you have clicked on "Parse URL(s)", a folder will open. To ensure that the quality and resolution of the video is as good as possible, you should download the video in 720p or 1080p. If the video quality is not so important to you and you would rather save memory, you can select 360p or 480p.

jdownloader youtube video quality

5. start download

To continue, right-click on the file you want to download. In the list that appears, select the button "Continue with selected link(s)".

6. set storage location

Now the video is downloaded to the device. If you want to know where JDownloader saved the file on the device, go to the "Download" tab to the left of the "Linkgrabber". Right-click the downloaded file and press the button "Open directory". A window opens with the downloaded file.

The downloaded video is ready. With JDownloader you can also download several videos at once, simply copy several links into the link grabber.

The German term for link grabber is Linksammler.

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