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Multihoster Test & Vergleich 2024

Hier findest du die besten von uns gestesten Multihoster. Bei unserem Multihoster Test war uns besonders der Download-Speed, der Preis, die Erreichbarkeit der Filehoster und die Sicherheit wichtig. Wir haben durchaus positive Erfahrungen mit LinkSnappy, und Cocoleech machen können. Alle Anbieter hatten ihre Vorteile und Nachteile. Wir testen regelmäßig aktuelle Multihoster und Filehoster. In unserem Vergleich findest du alle von uns getesteten Anbieter von 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 und 2024.

The best multihoster and our test winner is Linksnappy by some distance. It offers the best download speed, a wide range of filehosters, many payment methods and a low price.

The cheapest provider in our multihoster test is The offer for one year is very cheap and you only pay 69.99€. That is exactly as much as an Premium Account costs for one year. In addition, the multihoster supports many other filehosters, the Usenet, torrent files and offers numerous other functions.

Linksnappy Multihoster Test winner Premiumize-me premium Test cocoleech premium hoster Multihoster Test Multihoster Test & Erfahrungen 2024CocoLeech Multihoster im Test 2024
Test result


"Test winner"


"Good multihoster"



Priceab 8,59 € pro Monatfrom €5.75 per monthab 7,49 € pro Monat
Download limit999 GB per day60 GB per day999 GB per day
Speedup to 150 MB/sup to 30 MB/sup to 25 MB/s
Filehoster70+ hosters40+ hosters50 + Hoster
Payment methodsCredit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Paysafecard, Bitcoin, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Dash, Dogecoin, ETHSofortüberweisung, PayPal, Credit Card, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Wire Transfer, CashtoCodeCredit card, Bitcoin, Amazon Pay, Sofortüberweisung, Paypal
Duration7 days, 30 days, 90 days, 180 days1 month, 3 months, 12 months30, 90, 180, 365 days
To the testgo to provider *To the testgo to provider *To the testgo to provider *


In unserem Test haben wir bisher 8 Multihoster auf Herz und Nieren überprüft und bewertet. Zuletzt haben wir den Multihoster Linksnappy am 01.01.2024 und Cocoleech am 16.4.2021 getestet. Besonders Augenmerk haben wir auf die Erreichbarkeit der Filehoster und die durchschnittliche Download-Geschwindigkeit gelegt. Wir haben uns nicht von den Versprechungen der Anbieter täuschen lassen und selbst recherchiert und den Download-Speed der verschiedenen Filehoster überprüft.

Download speed & limits

Download speed and limit of the multihosters

Download limit and download speed: The providers often promise unlimited download limits and 500 Mbit per second and more. This was not different in our multihoster test. With many offered file hosts, we could only download in free mode and had to put up with waiting times. However, we were also able to download at 20 megabytes per second with some file hosts. It always depends on the individual provider. If you want to be on the safe side, you should rather buy a premium account with your preferred hoster. Of course we had good experiences with the different providers. Once it was up and running, we were able to download large amounts of data with the multihoster. 

Security & Data Protection

multihoster security data protection

Security & data protection: Anonymity on the internet is very important for many users and was also an essential factor in our multihoster test. The individual multihosters offer different functions to provide the most secure and anonymous service possible. For example, Smoozed's Premium Account has its own VPN service integrated. This also works well and offers unlimited access. You can read more about this in our Smoozed test. If you want to be on the safe side, you should use a VPN provider. There are very good offers for this on the net. The providers Nord VPN or Hideme always have good offers. In the future, there will also be several detailed tests and comparisons.

Prices & Offers

multihoster prices comparison 2020

Acomparison of the prices and offers of the multihosters: The providers rely on proven offer models. The longer the term of the accounts, the cheaper the rates offered. It is therefore advantageous to get a premium account for 6 months or a whole year. The disadvantage of this decision is that you are then tied to the provider for a longer period of time, which is exactly what you want to avoid with a multihoster. The cheapest offer in our multihoster test is the premium account at Smoozed for one year. You pay just €39.95 for 365 days. That's just under 10 cents per day. The most expensive models are of course always very short periods of 2-7 days. If you just want to test the multihoster, it's best to buy a premium account for 30 days. This gives you a good impression of the provider and you can put its promises through their paces yourself.

Credit card, Paypal & Bitcoin payment methods

multihoster payment methods Credit card, Paypal, Bitcoin

The different payment methods of the multihosters Bitcoin, Paypal, credit card: The different providers offer many payment options. Of course, it's best if you can pay anonymously and securely with the multihoster. That way you are always on the safe side and don't leave unnecessary traces on the internet. In our opinion, the best payment methods are Paysafecard, Bitcoin or other credit currencies. The provider Linksnappy also offers special rates if you want to pay with Paysafecard. You can get the PSC at almost any petrol station or supermarket, completely anonymously and without registering. Of course, you can also pay by Paypal, mobile phone, Skrill or credit card. You should also make sure that you do not incur additional costs. File hosters such as Share-Online have always charged a considerable surcharge if you wanted to pay for the premium account with Paypal.



Which multihosters have we tested so far?

The list of providers we have tested is still quite manageable. However, we are busy quickly expanding the list of multihosters. Of course, we also have high standards for our test reports and take a lot of trouble to examine the functions and providers in detail. We also look at other experiences, read blogs and look in relevant forums. All this takes time and energy. So far you can find test reports on the following multihosters:

  • Linksnappy
  • Linkfier
  • Offcloud
  • Smoozed

1. linksnappy the best multihoster in comparison

Linksnappy is the best multihoster on the market in our comparison. It supports the most important filehosters such as, Turbobit, Keep2Share and so on. In addition, they constantly try to add new filehosters to their programme and solve problems as quickly as possible. We like the support the best and we get fast and friendly help when there was a problem with the service.

+ Very fast download speed

+ over 70 hosters

+ Torrent & Usenet Download

+ JDownloader plugin

+ Unlimited download traffic with many filehosters

+ 7 days money back guarantee

+ 24 hours chat support

+ Anonymous payment options (Paysafecard, Bitcoin)

- No VPN

Test winner Multihoster Test 2024


2. | Very good experience in the test

Second place goes to The multihoster offers everything a file-sharing heart desires. The service offers premium download speed from almost 40 file hosts, access to the Usenet, secure download of torrent files, its own cloud, cloud storage space of one TB and its own VPN service. In our multihoster test, the provider was able to keep all its promises. Compared to many other providers, we liked very much.

+ Maximum download speed

+ over 40 filehosters

+ With Torrent & Usenet support

+ JDownloader, Chrome and Firefox Plugin

+ 1 TB cloud storage space

+ VPN service

+ Anonymous payment options (CashToCode, Bitcoin, Litecoin)

- No Keep2Share and Rapidgator support Multihoster Test & Erfahrungen 2024


3. cocoLeech | Cheap Multihoster

The multihoster Cocoleech could convince us with its low-priced offer and the accessibility of the filehosters. Everything is kept a bit simpler than with Linksnappy or, but to quickly download a few files, the provider is perfectly sufficient.

It basically depends on the supported file hosters and the amount of data you want to access. Cocoleech supports torrent files, has a VPN and supports over 30 One Click hosts. The 30-day premium account costs only $7.99 and is easy to use.


4. | mixture between multihoster and cloud

In our multihoster comparison, Offcloud takes a good third place. The service is a mixture between a multihoster and cloud storage. The provider has some special features, such as it supports files in Usenet, offers a free account and gives its users 100 GB of storage in its cloud. The biggest drawback is the relatively low daily download limit. With Uploaded, for example, you can only download 10 gigabytes a day. Otherwise, Offcloud offers everything you could want from a multihoster. If you can cope with the sometimes low daily download volume, you get an excellent service.

+ Excellent download speed

+ over 100 hosters

+ Torrent & Usenet Download

+ JDownloader plugin

+ 100 GB cloud storage

+ Direct connection to Dropbox or GoogleDrive

+ Lifetime Account for "only" $199

- Daily download limits, some of which are low


5. linkifier | not a good multihoster anymore

Linkifier was one of the best sharehosters or multi OCH and could convince with the download speed, the accessibility and the good service. In our experience, the provider was almost on par with Linksnappy. Only minor issues relegated it to third place. Almost all important filehosters were supported and Linkifier also kept its promises. In the meantime, the filehosters are almost unreachable. We strongly advise against the multihoster Linkifier.


Which filehosters have we tested so far?

So far we have only tested the filehosters, Rapidgator,, Keep2Share and Nitroflare, but we want to expand the offer quickly. Most important to us, of course, are the tests on the various multihosters, but we also want to examine the different filehosters. The best thing to do is to have a look at our Filehoster comparison if you want to learn more about the services.

In some cases, it makes more sense to buy a premium account with a file hoster in order to be able to download at full speed and with an unlimited limit. So that you can better compare the individual providers, you will find more file hoster reviews in the future.


Frequently asked questions? (FAQ)

What are multihosters?

Multihosters offer their users premium access to many file hosts. With a premium account at a multihoster, you have access to many One Click Hosters (OCH) such as, Rapidshare or Turbobit.


How do multihosters work?

With a premium account at a multihoster, you have access to various filehosters and can download at full download speed. The URL of the desired data is simply entered on the website of the multihoster or you can use JDownloader.


Which multihosters support war einer der beliebtesten Filehoster und wird deshalb von fast allen Anbietern unterstützt. Worauf man bei der Wahl des Multihosters achten sollte ist das Speed und Download-Limit. Unsere Multihoster Empfehlung für Nutzer ist ganz klar Linksnappy. Dieser Anbieter bietet schnelles und unbegrenztes Download Volumen.


Welches ist der beste Multihoster 2024?

We cannot give a clear recommendation for a provider. I have had good and bad experiences with various multihosters. There are also always advantages and disadvantages with the different websites. Here is a small list with my recommendations.


I can recommend these following providers:

  • Linksnappy
  • Offcloud


With which providers can I pay with Paypal?

Paypal is one of the most popular payment methods, but is only supported directly by a few multihosters. With some providers, however, there are resellers who accept Paypal, such as Linksnappy.


Which multihosters accept Paysafecard as a payment option?

Paysafecard is probably the best payment option, as it is anonymous and uncomplicated. You can pay with Paysafecard at the multihoster Linksnappy and since a few days also again at Smoozed.


Where can I get a free multihoster test account?

A few months ago, Smoozed offered a free test account. In the meantime, there are only very limited possibilities to test the multihosters for free. With Offcloud, you can download 3 files for testing. Otherwise, you can create an account at Linksnappy and test the provider on various streaming and video platforms.


Which multihosters work with Usenet?

There are several providers that support the Usenet. The well-known multihosters with Usenet connection are, Premiumize, High-Way and Offcloud.


Which multi-OCH support torrent files?

There are several multi-OCH with which you can download torrent files. These include Linksnappy,, Premiumize, Offcloud and All-Debrid.