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Set up Premium Account with JDownloader 2

Uploaded Premium JDownlaoder 2

If you want to use an premium account, we recommend using JDownloader 2. In this article, we show you how to set up an premium account with JDownloader 2.

JDownloader 2 promises a fast and stable download of files. Especially when it comes to larger amounts of data, the download manager JDownloader 2 is the first choice. Aborted downloads can be easily resumed, the speed can be adjusted and multiple premium accounts can be set up directly.

The Download Manager is now child's play to use and promises clear advantages over the browser or other software.

Jdownloader 2 Download

Jdownloader is free of charge and you can simply download it from the website Select your operating system from the options Windows, Linux or Mac. The installer is between 40 and 80 MB in size and should be on your hard drive in a few seconds.

Uploaded 2 Premium Account

A premium account at promises fast and uncomplicated file downloads. It is the perfect complement to JDownloader 2. One month's access costs only 9.99€. Premium Multihoster Test 2022

JDownloader 2 Setup

After you have installed JDownloader 2 on your computer and started the programme, select the menu item Settings and select the menu of the same name. Then select Account Management if you have not already done so.

Under the item "Accounts" you have the possibility to create a new account. You can easily do this by clicking on the "Add" button. Choose the filehoster or multihoster of your choice - in our case Then enter your login data. This means the password and your account ID. Then click on "Save" and your account is set up. It is important to mention that used to be called and the file hoster can still be found under this name in JDownloader 2.

jdownloader 2 settingsActivate Uploaded Premium Account

If your account is active, a green tick should appear next to the file hoster symbol. Under the item Expiration date you can see how long your Premium account is still valid. You can also see how much traffic you have available.

Set up Premium Account Jdownloader 2I have blacked out some irrelevant areas so as not to publish my data. These do not play a role in setting up the Premium account.

Now it's your turn: If you have any questions or suggestions about Jdownloader2 or the Premium Account, feel free to write a comment.

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