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Filehoster Comparison & Test 2022 | Table

In our filehoster test, we want to test the different providers for download speed, prices and service. Of course, the popularity and distribution among users is also important. To do this, we look at the monthly search volume of Google, the Google Trends and the relevant forums and websites. The best file hoster is useless if the community and uploaders don't use it.

Here you will find an overview of the most important data and filehosters. The file hoster comparison is constantly updated and kept up to date. That is why you will no longer find one-click host ers such as Share-Online or Megaupload here. The table and the test are up to date as of 08 February 2020.


There were no major outliers in our file hoster comparison and test. The download speed and accessibility is about the same for all providers and they all have the same business model. They are almost unusable without a premium account and cost about $10 per month. If you buy a premium account, you can enjoy all the advantages and have full download speed, no annoying advertising, no annoying waiting times and you don't have to solve any captcha.


filehoster comparison 2020The most popular filehosters 2020

Since the large and most popular filehosters have been taken off the net, users only have the choice to turn to small providers. Of course, there is still, but also many others. We take a look at which filehosters are worthwhile and which are the most widespread.


Filehosters in forums

A look at the popular forums shows that most uploaders remain loyal to their one-click hosters. To test the users' offers, I looked at the latest films, series and games. When I compared them, I noticed that they were mostly the same hosters. So if you buy a multihoster account that supports these filehosters, you can access almost all downloads in premium mode. You can find more information about the multihosters below or you can take a look at our multihoster comparison.

The most popular filehosters in forums are:


Filehosters in vogue

With the keyword tool KWfinder*, you can examine the search volume of a keyword on Google. This tool shows, for example, how often a file hoster is searched for on Google. The values given are always search queries per month and are limited to German-speaking countries. Of course, we cannot test all filehosters, otherwise the list would be too long. For this reason, we only present the most popular filehosters.

As you can see, the filehoster "uploaded" is searched for approx. 26,200 times on Google. The value is the average of the last 4 years. Especially since the Share-Online bust, users have been looking for alternative file hosts.

uploaded google search queries per month

The file hoster "Turbobit" is searched for on Google an average of 1,500 times per month. Before Share-Online went offline, the figure was around 700-800 searches per month.

turbobit filehoster trend

The provider Zippyshare must not be missing from our file hoster test and comparison. We underestimated the one-click hoster somewhat, but 18,200 people search for the file hoster on Google every month.

zippyshare filehoster test and comparison

The file hoster Rapidgator is one of the most popular file hosts in comparison and in Germany it is searched for on Google about 2,400 times every month.

rapidgator filehoster

Filefactory is one of the small filehosters on the market. The hoster receives little attention and has only 560 search queries per month. Since the Share-Online bust, however, demand has increased significantly.

filefactory filehoster test



Use a filehoster free of charge

filehoster free comparisonWho has a Filehoster free of charge to make use of the opportunities offered by the Inconvenience set. The file hosters make it as uncomfortable as possible for the free users. Before one can start the download in free mode, one must first 30-60 seconds waiting time bridge, mostly a Solve Captcha and deal with numerous pop-ups struggle with. With the video hoster Gounlimited, no less than 10 pop-ups opened before the free download could be started.

Of course, you can use all filehosters for free without registering, but if you want to download larger amounts of data, you cannot avoid buying a premium account with the popular filehosters or multihosters. In our download test and comparison, no free file hoster exceeded a download speed of 60 KB per second.

Free Account vs Premium Account

Here in the table you will find the comparison of a free filehoster account and a premium account. We assume that in free mode you can download at a maximum of 60KB per second with the Filehoster and that with the Filehoster Premium Account you can achieve a maximum download speed of 12.5 MB per second. Of course, these are only theoretical examples. If you were to subject the speed to a real test, the free account would perform even worse, as you would have to put up with waiting times again and again. In the last line you will find a comparison with a multihoster. We specified the download speed of the multihoster in our test comparison with 2 MB per second.

Example fileFile sizeFree account (0.5 Mbit)Premium Account (100 Mbit)Multihoster (16 MBit)
PDF file2 MB32 seconds1 second1 second
Digital photo (8 megapixel)5 MB1 minute and 20 seconds1 second2 second
MP3 file8 MB2 minutes and 8 seconds1 second4 second
Audio book150 MB40 minutes9 seconds1 minute and 15 seconds
Feature film2 GB9 hours2 minutes and 9 seconds16 minutes and 52 seconds
Cinema film in Full-HD8 GB1 day and 11 hours8 minutes and 32 seconds1 hour and 6 minutes
PC Game Full Version20 GB3 days and 16 hours21 minutes and 20 seconds2 hours and 46 minutes



Filehoster or Multihoster Comparison

Here we would like to make a comparison between any file hoster and the multihoster Linksnappy. We put the facts side by side to illustrate the advantages and disadvantages.

X-any file hosterMultihoster Linksnappy
Price per monthapprox. 10 $12,99$
Download speedapprox. 50 MB per secondapprox. 2-50 MB per second
Hoster support1 hosterover 70 hosters
Download limitapprox. 50 GB
  • RapidGator 30GB
  • unlimited
  • 20GB
  • Filefactory unlimited
  • Turbobit unlimited
  • Keep2Share 5GB
  • NitroFlare 2GB
  • oBoom 15GB
  • unlimited
  • Payment methodsMostly just:
  • Credit card
  • Bitcoin
  • Neteller
  • Webmoney
  • Many different payment methods:
  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal
  • Paysafecard
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • +70 cryptocurrencies
  • Advertising?No advertisingNo advertising
    Waiting times?No waiting timesNo waiting times
    To Linksnappy

    The biggest advantage of the multihoster is the access to many different filehosters in premium mode. Linksnappy also offers the popular payment methods Paypal and Paysafecard, which are only available with some filehosters. The multihoster is only a little more expensive than the average one-click hoster. The biggest problem is the sometimes significantly lower download speed. In our download test with Uplaoded or Turbobit, for example, we often achieved only 2 MB per second with the multihoster.