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Pricefrom 7.5$ per month
Download Speed (Free)50 KB per second
Multihoster supportLinksnappy 20GB
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We take a closer look at the file hoster. Is it worth buying a Nitroflare Premium Account? After Share-Online was taken offline a few days ago, many users are looking for an alternative. Some filehosters are not recommended because uploaders and downloaders are banned after a while. If you follow the providers, you will notice that Uploaded, for example, deletes many files and the offers are almost inaccessible.

How good is the One-Click-Hoster and is a Nitroflare Premium Account worth it?

  • With WebMoney you can pay anonymously.
  • You can only pay via resellers with Paysafecard or Bitcoin.
  • The multihoster Linksnappy supports Nitroflare (2 GB per day download limit).
  • Free access is very slow.
  • Files are often only accessible with a premium account.
  • Files up to 10 GB can be uploaded.
  • 500 GB online storage free of charge

The bottom line is that if you want to use Nitroflare, you definitely need a premium account. The disadvantages of a free account are simply too great and you can almost not use the service.

buy nitroflare premium

The advantages of a Premium Account

  • Maximum download speed
  • View files online
  • No advertising
  • No waiting time
  • Preferred support
  • Downloads can be continued
  • Multiple downloads at the same time
  • No subscription

The disadvantages of a free account

  • Solve Captcha
  • 180 seconds waiting time
  • Slow download speed maximum 20 KB per second
  • Annoying advertising (pop-up and layer)
  • Only one download at a time
  • Downloads cannot be continued
  • Limited number of download slots


How fast is the upload speed?

Nitroflare upload speed

The upload was constantly high and fully utilised our line.

We had no problems upload ing with Nitroflare and were able to upload our test file at full speed. The upload speed constantly utilised our internet line. However, this only had a 3 MBit per second upload. For our 500 MB file, the upload took 20 minutes.


Download with free account

We tested how well or badly Nitroflare works with a free account. To do this, we tried to download our 500 MB test file. Before we could start, we were stopped by a layer and a pop-up with annoying advertisements and several hints that we should buy a premium account. After another pop-up and 2 minutes of waiting, we could finally start.

The advertisement promises that we will get free vouchers and crazy discounts on the Facebook. However, we did not find anything about the vouchers and the great discounts.

After another pop-up and click, we reached the final download button. And indeed the download finally starts. The download speed is the promised 20 KB per second with a free account. For the 500 MB test file we would need only 6 hours.

The speed varied between 18 and 24 KB per second. Of course, we did not wait the 6 hours and stopped the download prematurely.

nitroflare free account

With a free account, we could download at up to 24 KB per second.


The costs of a Premium Account

Nitroflare is one of the most expensive filehosters. Here you can find an overview of the costs of a premium account.

Duration2 days30 days90 days180 days365 days
Cost per day5$0,4$0,33$0,27$0,24$
SpeedMax speedMax speedMax speedMax speedMax speed
AdvertisingNo advertisingNo advertisingNo advertisingNo advertisingNo advertising
Waiting timeNo waiting timeNo waiting timeNo waiting timeNo waiting timeNo waiting time
Watch onlineWatch onlineWatch onlineWatch onlineWatch onlineWatch online
Credit cardCredit cardCredit cardCredit cardCredit cardCredit card

To Nitroflare (Ref Link)


Multihoster Test

Which multihosters support Nitroflare? Since Share-Online was taken offline, it is difficult to commit to just one file hoster. The best thing is to have only one account and access to all hosters on the net. Multihosters offer this advantage. Not only do you save a lot of money, but you also make yourself independent of the one-click hosters. We took a closer look at various providers and tested the download with Nitroflare.

Linksnappy Test

We were able to download our test file without waiting or advertising with multihoster Linksnappy . The only drawback was the low download speed. We were able to reach a maximum speed of 400 KB per second and needed just under 10 minutes for 500MB. Even with the download limit of 2 GB per day, Linksnappy is not particularly convincing. It's nice to have an account with Linksnappy, but if you want to download large amounts, it's better to buy a Nitroflare Premium account.

  • 400 KB per second
  • 2 GB per day
  • No waiting time
  • No advertising
  • From $6.11 per month


Multihosters that support Nitroflaire: 

  • Linksnappy
  • Cocoleech
  • (2.5 GB per day)
  • (4 GB per day)


Multihosters that do not support Nitroflaire: 

  • Offcloud
  • Smoozed
  • Debriditalia
  • Maxspeedbox


The payment methods Paypal, Paysafecard and Webmoney

You can buy a Nitroflare Premium Account with these payment methods (as of 22.01.2020):

  • Payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard)
  • Payment by instant bank transfer
  • Payment via Neteller
  • Payment via Webmoney
  • Payment via Paypal

These payment methods are offered by resellers:

  • Payment via AmazonPay
  • Payment by Paysafecard

These payment methods are not possible:

  • Payment on account
  • Payment by voucher
  • Payment by direct debit
  • Payment by installments
  • Cash on delivery payment
  • Payment by check
  • Payment by cash
  • Payment by American Express
  • Payment by mobile phone (SMS)


Voucher and discount

To finish up, we scoured the web for any working Nitroflare Premium coupons or discounts. Unfortunately, we only came across expired or invalid vouchers. The only thing that works is the 30 days for free when you buy the Popular package for 90 days.

Invalid Nitroflare voucher code:

  • SAVE30

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