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Pricefrom 7.5$ per month
Download speed (Premium)1 GB per second
Download Speed (Free)40 KB per second
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The filehoster has existed since 2010 and is based in Vietnam, according to the imprint. The one-click hoster seems to be closely connected to the provider Both filehosters have the same address in the imprint and share support and accounts. The business model is the same as with all other providers and we want to test whether delivers what they promise. Download Test

We put the file hoster to the test to see how fast the maximum speed is for downloading files, which multihosters support the one-click hoster and which payment options are available (Paypal, Bitcoin or Paysafecard). Of course, we also take a look at the advantages of a premium account. For the test, we uploaded a 50 MB file to Hitfile and now try to download it with the different multihosters, the premium account and the free account.

Our tests are only random samples and it can always happen that we get a particularly bad or particularly good result. For this reason, we will repeat the tests more often. If you get different results, feel free to post them in the comments.

Free account

Of course, it is possible to download files from with a free account or without registration. After a 40-second wait, a captcha and another 40-second wait, the download can be started.

The maximum speed with the free account was just under 40 kilobytes per second. free account

Multihoster Linkifier

We had the best experience with the multihoster Linkifier and achieved a maximum download speed of 1,900 KB per second. We downloaded the 50 MB in just under 30 seconds. If you only want to access from time to time, a premium account with the multihoster Linkifier is the best option. The Linkifier account is even a little cheaper and costs only $9.99 for 30 days. In addition, you get access to over 50 other filehosters in premium mode.

Directly to *

Multihoster Linksnappy

With the Multihoster Linksnappy we achieved a maximum download speed of 1,300 kilobytes per second. We were able to download the 50 megabyte test file in just under 40 seconds. That's pretty good and enough to comfortably download a film, a PC game or an album in MP3 format.

multihoster linksnappy test


The download of the test file with the multihoster starts without problems. Unfortunately, the maximum speed leaves a lot to be desired. The maximum download speed is only 190 kilobytes per second and drops to only 100 Kb/s in between. It took us about 5 minutes to download the 50 Mb file. The result is only a little better than the download with a free account and overall disappointing. (As of 6 March 2020)

hitfile test

Upload test

The upload of our 50 MB test file went without problems and we were able to upload at maximum speed. The upload took just under 2 minutes and we used the website and browser upload for it.

What does Hitfile offer? offers free storage space. Users can upload, store and share files with other users.

How long do the files remain stored?

  • The files of registered users remain stored for at least 30 days. The period is extended whenever someone downloads the file.
  • The files of the premium accounts remain stored for at least 60 days. As with the free account, the time of the last download is decisive.
  • Of course, the files must not violate the rules and laws of a country.

How big can the files be?

  • With a free account, you can upload files up to a maximum of 100 GB. If you use the browser upload, the maximum size is 4 GB.
  • With a premium account, there are the same conditions for uploading files.

What are the advantages of a Premium Account?

There are several advantages to buying a premium account with Hitfile. The download speed increases a lot, downloads can be resumed, data is stored longer and you can link directly to downloads.

What is the download speed in Premium mode? promises its users a maximum download speed of 1 GB per second, if the internet connection allows it. Unfortunately, we cannot test this, as we only have a 50 Mbit line available.

What are the costs?

The costs for a Premium Account start at $9.95 for 25 days. If you intend to use the provider regularly, you should consider choosing a longer term and save up to 35 %. We have calculated the prices for 30 days to be able to compare them better.

  • 25 days $9.95 (price for 30 days $11.94)
  • 70 days $24.95 (price for 30 days $10.69) save 10%.
  • 150 days $49.95 (price for 30 days $99.99) save 15%.
  • 350 days $89.95 (price for 30 days $7.71) Save 35 cost premium account

What payment methods are available?

The filehoster offers all important payment methods. Especially important for us is the support of anonymous payment methods such as Bitcoin or Paysafecard. payment methods paypal paysafecard offers the following payment methods: 

  • Payment by credit card
  • Payment via Paypal (40% fees)
  • Payment by Bitcoin
  • Payment by instant bank transfer
  • Payment by Giropay
  • Payment by Skrill Moneybookers
  • Payment via Webmoney
  • Payment via Altcoin

Hitfile subscription and Https for anonymous downloads

Hitfile offers users the opportunity to save an additional 21% if they purchase their Premium Account with a credit card and take out a subscription. At the end of the term, the premium account is automatically renewed.

In addition, you always have the option to activate "HTTPS" for anonymous downloads. This should also be done to transfer files in encrypted form. In addition, we recommend using a VPN (virtual private network) to really download and surf anonymously. Setting up a VPN is very easy and only takes a few clicks.

hitfile subscription https

Support Test | Hitfile = Turbobit?

We had difficulties resetting our password. The email with the link reached us, but the password recovery link was always invalid. When we tried to reach support, we only got to the support page. After an estimated 10 attempts, we get an automated email with our password.

The problem was probably because we already had a Turbobit account and we had to log in to Hitfile with the same password. However, Hitfile did not recognise that we already had an account and therefore did not send us a password. So Hitfile is the same as Turbobit?

After we could finally log in, we were surprised by the credit. It was the same amount we had as credit at Turbobit. Hitfile and Turbobit obviously share the data and support.

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