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Download Speed (Free)64 KB per second
Multihoster supportSmoozed,
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Description offers a service with which you can easily store files of any kind online. It doesn't matter whether they are pictures, videos or audio files. This service is particularly useful if a file is too large to be sent by e-mail, because once the file has been uploaded to, all you have to do is send the corresponding link and the file can be downloaded from anywhere in the world with Internet access.

Multihoster Download

We have a 50 Mbit line available and have switched off the VPN. Linksnappy Test

Update 15.07.2020:

Today we were able to download at maximum download speed from the file hoster For the test, we used a Linksnappy Premium account and JDownloader 2. We reached 7 MB per second, which is also the maximum speed of our internet line. linksnappy test

The multihoster Linksnappy supports, but the support is only unstable. We achieved an average download speed of 70 KB per second. multihoster Download Test

Unfortunately, the download does not start with the multihoster You only get the error message "Error starting download".


The multihoster Smoozed does state that it supports, but we were unable to reach the filehoster in our test. smoozed test

Only conditional support:

The multihosters and Smoozed state that they support the file hoster, but that the connection is unstable. Our test also shows this: smoozed

The following multihosters do not support

  • Linksnappy

Free Account Download free account

Upload test

We tried to upload a file to with the browser. The upload started immediately, but the upload speed was relatively slow. We only reached a maximum upload speed of 176 KB per second. The speed also fluctuated strongly and dropped back to 64 KB per second again and again. It may be possible to achieve better values with the FTP upload.

file al upload

Update 15.07.2020:

I just had major problems with the upload. The upload was interrupted every now and then and I only reached a speed of 16 KB per second in some cases.

File.AL Premium Account

You can choose between a premium account and a free account. In the free mode, it is possible to upload files up to 50 gigabytes in size after registration. In addition, in free mode you have a storage space of 1000 gigabytes online. Files are stored online for 45 days and if the file is downloaded during this time, the 45 days start again from the beginning.

In the File.AL Premium Account, files with a maximum size of 50 gigabytes can also be uploaded, but in the Premium Account you have unlimited storage space online and the uploaded files are only deleted after 90 days if they are not downloaded, because the 90 days also start again from the beginning as soon as the file has been downloaded. premium account

Payment options offers over a dozen different payment options for the Premium Account. Of course, these include credit card payments, PayPal and instant bank transfer, but cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin are also accepted as payment options. With the different terms of the Premium Account, you can save a lot of money, because if you pay for a whole year in advance, the whole year only costs as much as five individually paid months.



In addition to the general terms and conditions, which can be viewed at any time on the homepage, the site also offers a news function on which regular reports are posted if there are temporary difficulties with payment service providers or similar.
The customer service works with a support ticket system where each customer request is assigned a unique number to make the process easier to follow. Requests to the support team are also stored so that the progress of the requests and the corresponding answers from the support team can always be viewed.


We have not found a multihoster that supports File.Al properly. If you want to download larger amounts of data from the file hoster, you should buy a premium account with

We tested the multihoster Linksnappy on 15 June 2020 and can highly recommend it. We were able to download from File.Al at maximum speed.

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