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One premium account for over 40 filehosters

Premium account for 40 filehosters

If you want to upload files and images to the Internet, you have to rely on filehosters. To use the service to the full extent, a premium account is advantageous. Using multiple filehosters can be costly. solves this problem with only one subscription for the use of over 100 filehosters. Find out how it works and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using Premiumize here.

What is Premiumize?

Premiumize is considered to be a multihoster - a file hoster that offers you access to various file hosting and streaming platforms by signing up for a Premiumize account. Create a free account at Premiumize and sign up for a subscription. Each Premium member is offered 1 TB of storage space.

What additional features does the multihoster offer?

You will be granted access to various VPN servers. This gives you access to a closed network within the network, which guarantees data security and prevents you from leaving important information on foreign servers. Other additional features include a cloud downloader for torrents. This way you are free to upload and download up to 10 torrents - small files with specific download information - to your cloud at the same time. Lastly, a cloud for Usenet usage is available. This way you can upload files of up to 500 GB and keep them for 1000 days.

How does the use of the Multihoster work?

You can start downloading from file hosts of your choice either via browser or with the help of JDownloader 2. To do so, go to the page, paste the file's link in the "Link Generator" tab and download the converted links via your browser.
Alternatively, enter your Premiumize API key into JDownloader 2. If you insert links of any file hoster, nothing stands in the way of downloading the links of your choice with Premiumize.

Costs and payment options at

The costs are as follows:

1 month for 9.99 euros, 3 months for 24.99 euros and 1 year for 69.99 euros. As a special is currently: 6 months for 34.99 euros and 24 months for 109.99 euros.
You can pay via PayPal, credit card, cryptocurrencies, for example Bitcoin and CashtoCode - pay in the store, by showing a barcode on your cell phone or in printed form.

Which filehosters does Premiumize support?

Currently Premiumize supports over 100 services.

Here is the list of filehosters, streaming services and video platforms that the multihoster supports:

Hoster list

Advantages of Premiumize

1. access to over 100 filehosters and streaming services
2. VPN access
3. 1 TB cloud storage
4. integrated cloud downloader for torrents and usenet
5. high security standards and privacy guarantee, checking transfers and clouds for viruses and malware and encryption of transfers.

Disadvantages of the Multihoster

1. download speed sometimes throttled
2. VPN setup sometimes complicated
3. Keep2Share and Rapidgator are not supported.

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