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Pricefrom $6.25 per month
Traffic Limit100 GB per day
Download Speed (Free)30 KB pro Sekunde
Multihoster supportLinksnappy,
Credit card
Instant bank transfer
Amazon Pay


Since Share-Online was taken offline, users have been looking for new, smaller hosters. In this test, we take a closer look at the file hoster and its Premium Account. Of course, we also test which multihoster supports the hoster and how the download speed is. You can buy the DDL to Premium Account for as little as €10 for 30 days with various payment methods such as Paypal, Bitcoin, credit card or bank transfer. So what's the catch and what interesting news is there to report about the file hoster?

Which multihosters support

Since the time of the big hosters is over, many uploaders are switching to small providers. Now you can't afford a premium account for every file hoster and that's where the multihosters come in. These offer a decent download speed and access to many one-click hosters without annoying advertising or waiting time. We looked at various providers and partly tested which multihosters support We have only taken most of the information from the website of the respective provider.


The multihosters work with

The multihosters do not work with

  • Test

In our Test we also tried to reach the filehoster The service is actually set to unstable, meaning that the service may be slow or unavailable. Nevertheless, we were able to reach the filehoster with the remote downloader. The maximum download speed with the multihoster account was about 550 KB per second. If you only want to access small files or only rarely, is a good alternative .

ddl-to hoster test speed download

Update 5.3.2020:

Based on a comment, we tested with again and can share the positive experience with the multihoster. Today we reached the maximum speed of our internet line and were able to download from at 2.2 MB per second. We only had a 16 Mbit line available.

Direct to

Update 21.03.2020: 

Today at 1:10 am we were able to download at 5.8 MB per second from with our account.

ddl account

Linksnappy Multihoster Test

The multihoster Linksnappy offers access to over 50 filehosters and the maximum download speed of a premium account. Today we tested the download speed and accessibility of the test file with the multihoster. We have to give credit to the provider that it only states an 89% support of We were able to download the test file in about 30 minutes and had a maximum download speed of about 450 KB per second.

Download Update 2024: Wir konnten heute mit 28 Megabyte pro Sekunde von herunterladen. Dazu haben wir den Download-Manager JDownloader 2 und den Premium Account von dem Multihoster Linksnappy verwendet.

DDownload Download Premium ddl left nappy speed test Test

Today we have tested the Multihoster tested. We were able to download the file from without any problems and achieved a download speed of 5-7 MB per second. The 100 MB file was on our hard drive within a few seconds. The Pro Account at Smoozed is available from 3,33€ per month.

smoozed test

Download Test with Free Account

dll to test Free Account

Selbstverständlich wollen wir auch wissen mit welcher Geschwindigkeit wir rechnen können, wenn wir nur einen kostenlosen Account bei haben. Vor dem Download der Test-Datei müssen wir einen Captcha lösen und es öffnet sich ein nerviges Popup-Fester. Danach geht es direkt los mit dem Download. Die Geschwindigkeit liegt bei 45-50 KB pro Sekunde. Das ist jetzt keine große Überraschung und mit anderen Filehostern vergleichbar. Wer also die Absicht hat größere Dateien herunterzuladen, der sollte eine Menge Zeit mitbringen oder sich einen Premium Account kaufen oder einen Multihoster ausprobieren. Im Jahr 2024 die die Download Geschwindigkeit mit einem kostenlosen DDownload Account auf ca. 30 KB pro Sekunde gedrosselt.

The Upload Test with Free Account

DDownload File Upload

The upload works without any problems and we were able to upload the test file at full speed. The maximum file size is limited to 2148 MB. Of course, you can also earn money with the uploads at The earnings at the file hoster usually depend on the amount of downloads and the countries of origin.

Datei Upload Update 2024: Der Upload von Dateien funktioniert dem Dem Filehoster immer noch hervorragend. Die Geschwindigkeit lag bei über 5 Megabyte pro Sekunde und wir haben einfach den Chrome Browser und die Webseite dafür genutzt. – Dateien Hochladen und Teilen

  1. Upload über die Webseite:
    • Klicken Sie auf „Dateien hierher einfügen oder hier klicken“.
  2. URL Hochladen:
    • Sie können bis zu 50 URLs einfügen, eine URL pro Zeile.
    • Die maximale Dateigröße pro Upload beträgt 2148 MB.
  3. FTP Upload:
    • Für fortgeschrittene Nutzer steht die Option des FTP-Uploads zur Verfügung.
    • FTP Host:
    • Verbindungsinfos für den FTP-Upload sind verfügbar.

Upload-Geschwindigkeit: Die Upload-Geschwindigkeit beträgt bei mir ca. 5.5 Mb/s, was einen schnellen Dateiübertragungsprozess ermöglicht.

DDownload FTP Upload mit Premium Account

Hinweis: Alle Funktionen ermöglichen das Hochladen und Teilen von Dateien auf, einer benutzerfreundlichen Plattform für den Austausch von Dateien.

What payment methods are available at

There are many ways to buy your Premium Account. Many different payment methods are offered and are constantly being improved. Unfortunately, there is currently no option to pay with Paysafecard. This will be available again on Monday, we will check.

Another negative point is that there are additional fees for payment with Paypal and credit card. If you want to buy your Premium Account with Paypal, you have to pay a hefty 35% more in fees. Credit cards also incur additional costs of 17%.

Of course, the many resellers who offer the user other payment methods are good. Of course, you can find more information directly on the website or from the support team.


You can pay with the following payment methods at 

  • Payment by credit card (17% fees)
  • Payment by Paypal (35% fees)
  • Payment by Bitcoin
  • Payment by instant bank transfer (only possible in Euro)
  • Payment via Amazon Pay (only possible in Euro)
  • Payment by Litecoin
  • Payment via BitcoinCash
dll payment methods Paypal Paysafecard

These payment methods are offered by resellers (20% more expensive):

  • Payment via Paypal
  • Payment via AmazonPay
  • Payment by Paysafecard
  • Payment by Skrill
  • Payment by Giropay
  • Payment via Webmoney
dll to reseller Premium Account

These payment methods are not directly available at

  • Payment by Paysafecard (temporary only)
  • Payment by Giropay
  • Payment by Skrill
  • Payment via Webmoney
  • Payment on account
  • Payment by direct debit
  • Payment by installments
  • Cash on delivery payment
  • Payment by check
  • Payment by cash

Prices for an additional traffic

The prices are quite normal compared to other hosters. However, you have to pay attention to the daily download limit of 100GB per day. If you need more traffic, you have to buy it at a high price. 100GB costs another $15 and can only be paid with Bitcoin, Litecoin or BitcoinCash.

Data volume100 GB traffic500 GB traffic1000 GB traffic
Price per GB0,15$ per GB0,12$ per GB0.105$ per GB


News about the "Freehoster

The filehoster and the associated streaming service were sold in November. The owner Vlado sold the projects to Hong Kong. At least that's what it says on the blog On the website, however, there is no indication of the change. According to Vlado's statement, making money with was never in the foreground. It was supposed to be a simple file hoster with a simple design.

In the comments, however, there is speculation about whether it was a "fake sale" to raise prices. Of course, it could also be due to the fact that Share-Online was recently taken offline and the operator wanted to pre-empt this step.

In the end, what matters to us is the service and the hoster itself. We have no influence on what goes on in the background.

  • is currently only available at or you will be redirected to it.


DDownload support can be contacted via a ticket system. I tried it myself and got an answer within 10 hours. I must say that it was Sunday and I was pleasantly surprised that the support answered so quickly. My concern was also solved and I am almost thrilled with the support.

Field reports


Robert 4 March 2020 at 23:20

I don't know how you test, but with + I haven't had any problems for months and I download with an average of 18 MB/s (JDownloader)
It's really annoying that some multihosters that are TOP are constantly badmouthed!
I no longer trust any test reports.

Answers 5 March 2020 at 11:52

Thank you Robert for your contribution. We want to be as honest as possible about our experiences with the multihoster. Of course, our tests are only spot-on and it can happen that we rate a multihoster too badly or too well. With, we have had almost only good experiences and recommend the provider with a clear conscience. We carried out the test with and again today and were able to download at the maximum speed of our internet connection.


Martin 6 February 2021 at 13:56

In any case, DDL.TO can no longer be reached with!


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