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AllDebrid Hoster List, Test & Experience 2023

(3.5 / 5 with 23 votes)
Pricefrom €2.49 per month
Filehoster80+ hosters
Payment methodsSMS, Neosurf, Credit Card, Amazon Pay, Instant Bank Transfer, Bitcoin
Duration15 days, 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, 300 days

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Very good
Hoster list
Download limits
Payment methods


We take a closer look at the multihoster AllDebrid. The service promises access to over 80 filehosters, support for torrent files, the JDownlaoder 2, 7-day free account and over 900 streams. The entire offer for the premium account is said to be available from €2.49 per month. The price sounds really tempting for service and we test whether the multihoster can keep its promises. In our test, we look at the hoster list, the download speed of the files and the hoster. Basically, according to the provider, Uploaded, Nitroflare, Turbobit, WDUpload and torrent files are supported. We recommend a VPN for all users.

  • 7 days free of charge
  • Over 80 filehosters
  • Over 900 streams
  • JDownloader
  • Torrent files

Free Multihoster Account

To test the Alldebrid Multihoster for 7 days free of charge, you first have to register with your e-mail address, confirm this and your mobile phone number. You will then receive an SMS with a code. Use your real mobile phone number. The service protects itself against false data and blocks the free Multihoster offer against misuse.


Hoster list

alldebrid hoster list

Over 80 filehosters are supported by Alldebrid. Here you can find the complete list of hosters:

Download test

In order for us to be able to evaluate the multihoster Alldebrid reasonably, we bought 30 days of premium from the provider. We paid normally by credit card and had immediate access to all premium functions. For our test, we have a 50 Mbit line at our disposal and, for once, we are not using a VPN. Of course, we want to make our own experiences with Alldebrid and will test the multihoster again and again at intervals. Our test is of course only a random sample and is dated 23.03.2020. experiences

We were able to download the test file from immediately with Alldebrid and achieved a maximum download speed of 6.6 MB per second. The speed fluctuated somewhat and dropped to 4-5 MB per second at times. Nevertheless, the experience so far has been very positive, especially considering that you only pay 3.99€ a month for Premium access.

alldebrid Download Test

The download with Alldebrid from started after a few seconds and the speed was first at 6.5 MB per second, but then became slower and slower and settled at around 2.3 MB per second.

Alldebrid is the first multihoster that can access without any problems. We have at least almost always had bad experiences with other providers at the filehoster. Alldebrid used our internet line to the maximum and we reached about 6.5 MB per second. The result really surprised us and we are positively impressed. However, Filefactory is one of the limited hosters and you can only download 3000 MB per day with Alldebrid.


It would also be too good to be true. We could only download from the file hoster at 180-500 KB per second. The slow speed is compounded by the low download limit of 2000 MB per day. These facts make the multihoster almost unusable. Anyone who seriously wants to download larger amounts of data from the hoster should rather buy a premium account directly.

Download Limits

Alldebrid severely restricts some filehosters and you can only download a few MB from them per day.

  • 3000 MB per day
  • Gigapeta 10,000 MB per day
  • Prostream 10,000 MB per day
  • Videobin 10,000 MB per day
  • gamovideo 10,000 MB per day
  • isra 3000 MB per day
  • brupload 3000 MB per day
  • uploadcloud 2000 MB per day
  • userscloud 3000 MB per day
  • wipfiles 3000 MB per day
  • 2000 MB per day
  • anzfile 3000 MB per day

Payment options

alldebrid payment methods

Alldebrid offers its users various payment methods. Unfortunately, there is no option to pay with Paysafecard, Paypal or Webmoney. The premium offer for 15 days for €2.99 can only be paid for with Audiotell, SMS or Neosurf. However, you have the option of buying the premium offer from a reseller.

You can pay with the following payment methods at Alldebrid: 

  • Payment by Audiotell (only possible for Premium 15 days offer)
  • Payment by SMS (only possible for Premium 15 days offer)
  • Payment by Neosurf (only possible for Premium 15 days offer)
  • Payment by credit card
  • Payment via Amazon Pay
  • Payment by Bitcoin

We recommend anonymous payment via Bitcoin or Neosurf.


The multihoster Alldebrid has a good offer at a very good price. If you pay for your premium account for 300 days, the month costs only €2.49, which is almost unbeatable. The download speed is also very high and all filehosters were directly accessible for us. Let's move on to the negative points: the low download limits per day are immediately noticeable. Most users want to download much larger amounts of data than 2 or 3 GB per day. The support is also much better with other multihosters such as or Linksnappy. These providers are a real alternative and, in our eyes, much better.





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