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Today we take a closer look at the file hoster and its premium account. The file hoster is based in France and has been on the market for several years. is supported by several multihosters, which is of course particularly interesting for us. In this article, we look at how well the download works with the various multihosters, what the maximum speed is, what payment options are available and what the prices are for a premium account. free account download speed test

We could hardly believe our eyes. We were able to download our test file at full speed. The download speed was about 7 MB per second, which is the maximum speed of our 50 Mbit internet line. is one of the rare filehosters where you can download at maximum speed with a free account. Unfortunately, you can only download one file every 120 minutes.


Multihoster Test | Download & Speed

We will focus our attention here on accessibility, price and download speed. Especially from the multihosters and we expect first-class results. Both providers promise full support of and unlimited traffic. For our test we upload a 500 MB test file to the server of and try to download it with different providers. Our internet connection should be the bottleneck, as we only have 50 Mbit at the moment. The test is from 25.02.2020.


These multihosters support


The multihosters do not work with



Linksnappy Test

The first thing we look at is the Multihoster Linksnappy download. We use the normal Remote Download Manager and the Chrome Browser for the download test. Linksnappy themselves recommend their Internet Download Manager.

The download starts without problems and we can download our test file with a good 2.2 megabytes per second. The speed remains constant during the entire download and we need just under 4 minutes for the 500 MB. So, we can be satisfied, but there is still some room for improvement.

Update 2022: Today I was able to download at full download speed from 1Fichier with the premium account of the multihoster Linksnappy (see screenshot).

1Fichier Multihoster Download test speed with Linksnappy

Update 15.07.2020:

We tested the filehoster 1Fichier again today and were able to download at maximum speed. For the test, we used a Linksnappy Premium account and JDownloader 2. We reached 7 MB per second, which is the maximum of our internet line. Test

The second multihoster in our test is the provider We also use the website's download manager and the Chrome browser,

We had problems with the website and we only get the message: "Error: No Download Link". In order to rule out an error on our part, we are still trying with JDownloader and, if necessary, at a later time. Basically, the file hoster is supported by the multihoster, at least that's what it says on the website.

1obligatory download speed test

The Jdownloader also brought no improvement. We could not download the 1Fichier test file today with Unfortunately, that was a total failure. 1obligatory test


Update 1.3.2020: Download works, but only 120 kb/s

Today on 1.3.2020 at 0:30 the download of the test file with multihoster works. At least the download starts, but the speed is very sobering. We can download the file at just 120-150 KB per second. You can forget about the multihoster and work with the free account.

1powEr download speed test


Upload Speed Test

To upload our 500 MB test file, we use the website of and the Google Chrome browser. There were no problems uploading the file. With our 50 Mbit line, it took us a good 20 minutes to upload, which is the maximum upload speed.

2 years later, uploading files still runs like clockwork. The data is uploaded at full speed and is ready immediately afterwards.


What does a 1Fichier Premium Account cost?

1mandatory premium account costs

1Fichier is definitely one of the cheapest file hosts. I am not aware of any other provider that offers a premium account for 3€ per month. Of course, this also explains the support of almost all multihosters. So if you regularly want to download large files from 1Fichier, you should buy a premium account for a month or a year and save yourself a lot of hassle. If you only want to access the service from time to time, you can also buy a premium account with one of the multihosters (Linksnappy, for example).


The following payment methods can be used at pay:

  • Payment by bank transfer (3€ fees, takes up to 5 working days)
  • Payment via Paypal (100% fees)
  • Payment by Bitcoin (3€ fee, takes 30 minutes)
  • Payment by Paysafecard (3,24€ fees)

Reseller payment methods:

  • Payment via Webmoney
  • Payment by instant bank transfer
  • Payment via Dotpay
  • Payment via Trustpay
  • Payment by Giropay
  • Payment by WesternUnion

48% discount Easter promotion

For Easter and the 11th anniversary of 1Fichier, there is a generous discount promotion of up to 48%. If you are thinking about buying a premium account, you should do it now.

Premium offers:

  • 1 month Premium costs 3€
  • 1 year Premium costs 15€ ( instead of 22€)
  • 5 years Premium costs 60€ (instead of 99€)
  • 10 years Premium costs 100€ (instead of 195€)

Access offers:

  • 1 year 10 € (instead of 12€)
  • 5 years 45 € (instead of 49€)
  • 10 years 80 € (instead of 95€)

Unfortunately, the campaign is over.


1Fichier supports almost all common payment methods. Especially important for us is the offer of anonymous payment options such as Bitcoin or Paysafecard. Unfortunately, 1Fichier charges high fees that even exceed the costs for one month of Premium.

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