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Nowadays, more and more things are done online. While until a few years ago it was mainly used privately or at work, the Internet has now also found its way into schools. Especially during the pandemic, when most teaching was done online anyway, the online world has been optimized even more for school purposes. Whether it is used privately, as part of work, or in school it needs to be shared, downloaded, and get files from point A to point B. One website that makes this possible is and its premium account, which will be presented in this article. Premium Account Advantages:

  • Maximum Download Speed
  • direct download (can be activated via "My account")
  • no waiting and no captcha
  • 1 TB storage space

Briefly introduce the main features of is an online website intended for file sharing. The website was created to simplify the sharing and sending of files of different sizes. Therefore, you can easily drag all the data you want to send and share to the website and drop it there. This makes it very easy to use and even with little experience you can do relatively little wrong.

By the way, the name "" comes exactly from this functionality, because you can simply drag the files to the site and drop them there.
After you have dragged the files onto the website, you can now give different people access to them, but also still work with the files placed there yourself.

Present the functions and special features:

Some features of the website are available for free while others require a premium account. This is subject to a fee and can be easily booked, but can also be easily canceled.

If one decides against the paid premium account, then, as mentioned, one does not have all the options to use the platform. However, the features that you can use are the following: One can continue to upload files and does not have to pay extra for it. In addition, you have 100GB of free space at the beginning and can upload files for it (using the drop method described above).

Furthermore, one can upload the files very quickly and efficiently no matter how big the files may be. The same is true in case you want to download files, no matter how big it is, the time remains the same and is very fast.

Storage space

When you look at all these options, you might wonder why you should buy the premium offer at all. Well, the premium version offers even more advantages and features in the context of file sharing. Here, the customer has the possibility to upload up to 1 TB of data and share it with others. In addition, the customer can specify in his account that shared files should be downloaded directly via instant download. This way, there is no need to worry or worry that one of the files might not be downloaded before deletion. Furthermore, the download speed is accelerated here as well, because the download process is optimized once again.

Besides, another advantage is that you no longer have to wait when accessing the platform, because you bypass annoying captchas or other advertisements and can get your work done faster and access important files.

Dropmyfiles Premium Account

Payment methods and costs

For the premium format, there are several payment methods and also different offers, because this is not a subscription, but a temporary deal. You choose a method and then pay a price that is only valid for a certain period of time. So you have the option to choose between 31 days, 90 days, 180 days and a year and pay the price set for the period. For 31 days one pays $35, for 90 days one pays $90 and for 180 days one pays $165. If you decide to subscribe to for a whole year, you will have to pay 300$. It is important to note once again that the different prices are only due to the time period and have nothing to do with the quality or amount of extra features! No matter at which offer of the website and how expensive this is, one has everywhere the same function, one can use them only not everywhere equally long.

As far as the payment options are concerned, the choice is very wide and varied, which is why it should be possible for everyone who has the budget to use the platform. You can pay for each offer with a credit card (MasterCard, American Express and Visa) and also with Paypal, Webmoney, PaySera, Apple Pay and Google Pay. In addition, you can pay with Alipay, UnionPay, Bitcoin, SteamCard and Eneba. So as you can see, there should be something for everyone.


Since the data sent is also about security, it is important to mention here again that the files remain private. The website only provides a platform so that files can be shared more easily, but it is not about browsing the files yourself or using them for your own purposes.

If you want to use the platform, you create an account with the necessary data, e.g. account details, if you want to use the paid features and everything is controlled by you as a customer. This also allows you to determine who has access to the shared and uploaded files and for how long. Anyone who has been added to the permissions list can then download the files that are important to them.

Join now and share files easily and securely!


Quick access to files and other things online from anywhere is becoming increasingly important, because the Internet is now everywhere. Whether at school, work or in private, there is almost nothing that we do not have on the cell phone or laptop nowadays. Especially when it comes to organizational things or something needs to be shared quickly, you need file sharing. File sharing allows you to upload files of different formats and sizes to a cloud on the Internet. Then you can limit who has access to it, so that the whole world can't download and use your files. Anyone who is authorized to access the files can then download them and use them for themselves.

A great website for this is, because it not only offers many different features, but also provides security and speed. On this website, file sharing is very easy and besides a free version, there is also a paid one that offers you even more benefits and at a humane price.

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