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Today we take a look at the filehoster It is considered a successor to Megaupload and has existed since 2013. According to Wikipedia, there are over 100 million users, making it one of the largest one-click hosters on the market.

Download test

We test with the free account and various multihosters that support the provider. Most important to us is the accessibility and download speed. We use the Google Chrome browser for our test and have turned off our VPN to get an unbiased result. We uploaded a 100 MB file to Mgea.

Free account

We are testing the download of with a free account. Before the download starts, we have to allow to save files on our device. After that, the download starts immediately and we can download our test file surprisingly quickly. We were able to download the test file at 3.3 megabytes per second.

mega nz free account

Multihoster Linksnappy

We tested how fast the multihoster Linksnappy can access and got a very good result. We were able to download the test file at maximum speed and fully utilised our 50 Mbit internet line. The speed was just over 7 MB per second and the file was downloaded within a few seconds. multihoster



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