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There are already several well-known filehosters on the net, such as or Turbobit, where you can upload various contents such as pictures, files or videos and share them with your family, friends or colleagues.
A somewhat lesser-known platform is Solidfiles. Find out here how the homepage is structured, how you can use it exactly and what you have to bear in mind when using it.

What is the file hoster Solidfiles? is a platform for uploading and sharing images, videos and files. It was founded in 2006 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

The promise to the members. focuses on uncomplicated, fast and secure processing when using its platform.

Special feature

If you are on the road a lot, you can download Solidfiles as an app to your Android smartphone. This gives you the flexibility to post whatever you want at any time, without having to rely on your PC every time.

How do you use

First go to the homepage and open a free account by registering first. If you have a Google account, you can click directly on the red "Google" button and log in with your access data.
As soon as you have logged in, an overview appears on the left-hand side of which you will find the buttons for "Files", "Recycle bin", "Settings" and "Log out".
You can also see your storage capacity. If you have a free account, you have 15 GB at your disposal.
If you want to increase your storage capacity in order to upload more documents, you first have to open a premium account. Afterwards, you will receive another 15 GB, bringing your total storage capacity to 30 GB.

How do you upload your files and share them with other people?

If you want to upload your content to go to the button "Upload files" and click on it. Select an image, file or video of your choice and double-click on it.
As soon as your desired object has been uploaded to the Solidfiles server, an intermediate window will appear where you can see the name of your uploaded file and copy the link to the clipboard by clicking on the blue button at the bottom left.
You can then paste the link into the URL field of the browser of your choice to download and share your content with family and friends.

Free account

As long as you use the platform for free, you can upload files up to 500 MB in size and receive 15 GB of storage space.
If you want to share larger and more extensive files and expand the storage space, you can create a premium account. This also eliminates the advertising that is used with free use.

Premium Account

A paid account offers many advantages over using for free.

With the opening, you get 1 TB of storage space and can easily upload large files of up to 30 GB. The download is then "lightning fast", as the speed limit no longer applies. You can also try a download accelerator like "JDownloader", which promises an even faster download of the files.
Another advantage is that you have the option of stopping the download of particularly large files for a period of one week and then continuing the download after this period has expired without any problems.
It is guaranteed that your files will remain on the platform forever and will be securely stored in the cloud by the operator.

In addition, data protection is guaranteed. The advanced access controls give you the option to protect your content with a secure password or even to initiate self-destruction after some time.

Solidfiles Premium Account

Payment methods accepts the following credit cards: American Express, MasterCard and Visa.
If you are not satisfied, you can close and delete your premium account at any time.

How safe is to use?

The site is considered trustworthy, not least because it carries an SSL certificate, which ensures its authenticity.

General safety encourages you to keep your password safe and inaccessible to third parties and not to give it to anyone. If you notice that someone is misusing your account for their own purposes, you should report this to the support team immediately.

All payments are made through Stripe Inc, a PCI-certified third-party payment gateway. Both Solidfiles and Stripe Inc. have security measures in place to protect against loss, misuse and alteration of order information.
Your privacy is protected by solid SSL encryption.


In summary, the Solidfiles file hosting service is a trustworthy and secure platform that promises to be easy and fast to use.
If you like to share content with friends, family or colleagues, this platform is always at your disposal.

The homepage is customer-oriented, the storage capacity is high with 15 GB for free use and up to 30 GB in the premium account.

If you need to share particularly extensive material with your colleagues or your boss, it is worth trying out Solidfiles.
Using the Solidfiles app makes you mobile and gives you the possibility to send your data reliably on the go.

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