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HeroUpload Premium Account

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Pricefrom $14.99 per month
Download Speed (Free)approx. 380 KB per second
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Online storage services and filehosters such as Heroupload have been used to store files on the Internet for a number of years and represent a tried-and-tested means of storing data in just a few simple steps, regardless of location or device. Providers such as Google Drive or Dropbox have already established themselves in this market and enable their users to store their data in a practical way, synchronize it on multiple end devices and share it with others.

HeroUpload is another company that enables its customers to store files on the Internet in the cloud via upload. After registering at, you can upload data of any kind to your personal storage and access it at any time via your online account at HeroUpload. The only requirement is a working internet connection and the already mentioned user account.

What features does HeroUpload offer?

With HeroUpload, files of any type can be uploaded and downloaded conveniently via web browser. Already after registration you receive your personal storage space and can backup your data online. In this way, your data is protected against physical damage to your hard drive or unintentional data loss. The upload and download is possible via laptop or PC as well as via smartphone or tablet. Even with the free user account, the file hoster allows you to upload files with a size of up to 50 GB and promises its customers unlimited storage space. The number of downloads is also unlimited.

Free Heroupload Account

If you try to download a file with the free account at Heroupload, you first have to wait 360 seconds and solve a captcha. The download speed in our test is constantly around 380 kilobytes per second. The 500 megabytes would have been downloaded within just under 22 minutes.

heroupload download

What are the advantages of Heroupload Premium Account?

All users who opt for a Heroupload Premium account also enjoy some appealing benefits. Premium customers do not have to put up with waiting times, but can download their desired files without any delay. This is one of the advantages compared to the free account, where waiting times can occur due to the amount of data involved. Furthermore, the download of several files does not take place one after the other, but in parallel, which further increases the speed. Thus, if you opt for a premium account, you'll primarily get more flexibility and speed, since your server requests will be treated with priority.

Heroupload Premium Account

HeroUpload offers three payment models to upgrade the user account to the premium variant. In case of a monthly payment, the cost is $14.99, which amounts to $0.48 per day. According to the pricing scale, the fee is reduced to $39.99 or $0.43 per day for a payment horizon of three months, and to a favorable $0.41 per day when paying in advance for a whole year. The cost of the latter option is $149.99.

  • Direct downloads. No waiting time.
  • No advertising.
  • Unlimited simultaneous downloads.
  • Maximum download speeds possible.
  • Download Manager support.
  • Unlimited storage space.
  • Files are kept for 180 days.
  • Upload files up to 50.00 GB in size.
  • No limit on the number of downloads.
  • Low price per day.
  • No subscriptions

No subscription, easy payment with Paypal, credit card or Bitcoin

HeroUpload promises that you won't fall into any subscription trap when purchasing a premium account. You simply pay in advance for the desired period of time and can use your account within this period of time. The payment options for the Heroupload premium account range from PayPal to common credit cards like MasterCard and VISA to BitCoin and LiteCoin.

Heroupload cost

How secure is the data?

Admittedly, unlimited storage space and high download speeds sound extremely tempting. Especially in direct comparison with market leaders like Google Drive or Dropbox, which strictly limit the maximum permissible storage space in their free user accounts to 15 GB and 2 GB, respectively. Nevertheless, you should not lose sight of the security aspect, especially when it comes to sensitive or even personal data. On the one hand, you should take into account the location of the servers involved, as this determines which legal conditions apply in terms of data protection. These vary greatly from country to country. After all, it is not only hackers who can gain access to sensitive data online. In the past, the US secret service also accessed private data on Dropbox user accounts. For this reason, sensitive data should only ever be stored in encrypted form in cloud storage.

heroupload upload

This also applies to HeroUpload, especially since the provider does not provide any information about the encryption technology used to encrypt files before they are saved, unlike the other popular platforms. The industry-wide standard here is AES 256-bit encryption as well as the encoding of the transmission via TLS or SSL. With around 250 visitors daily (as of June 2022,, the site receives comparatively little data traffic for online storage.


The upload of the files works without problems. You can either use the browser or upload the desired files via remote URL at Heroupload.

Heroupload upload Speed Test

For whom is HeroUpload worthwhile?

The HeroUpload platform is particularly suitable for large amounts of data, as it offers unlimited storage compared to other file hosts and supports the upload of files of up to 50 GB. Since this is especially suitable for movies, Hero Upload pays attention to the observance of copyrights and offers you the function to report possible violations and an illegal distribution of the files concerned.

Unlike other cloud storage services, HeroUpload does not offer integration into Windows Explorer for quick file synchronization, but it can score points with the fact that you as a user are not bound to a subscription. If you also consider the generally applicable security risks and recommendations for the responsible handling of sensitive data in cloud storage, HeroUpload is an online service that offers the user the possibility to store large amounts of data in the cloud within just a few clicks.

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