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Pricefrom € 2.75 per month
Download limit60 GB per day
Speedup to 60 MB/s
FilehosterUploaded,, Turbobit
Payment methodsCredit card, Bitcoin, Amazon Pay, Paysafecard
Duration30 days, 90 days, 180 days, 365 days

Overall assessment


Very good
Download speed
Very good
Hoster list


The multihoster says it supports 83 premium hosters, 23 free hosters and torrent files. I bought a premium account myself to gain my own experience with I became aware of the provider when I was looking for a free premium link generator.

All this is promised by the multihoster Premium Account:

  • Support for 83 file hosters
  • High Speed Download
  • JDownloader or download manager support
  • Being Safe & Anonymous
  • 24/7 support
  • Bit-Torrent Files

So there are lots of promises and actually everything your heart desires. In this test, I take a look at what the promises are worth and share my experiences with you. free premium link generator test is one of the few multihosters that you can use for free. You can simply use the Premium Link Generator for 23 file hosters. You can download 4 files per day for free. The file size is limited to 300-1,200 MB per file. We have tested how well the Multihoster works with several files and made our own experiences. Premium Link Generator (free of charge)

We tested the free Premium Link Generator for and were able to download the 500MB test file without any problems. Before the download could start, however, we had to deactivate the adblocker and the VPN. We were able to download the 500MB file at about 1200 KB per second using Deepbrid's Premium Link Generator. Downloading the 500 Mb took about 7 minutes.

premium link generator uploaded Premium Download Test

In order to test the Deepbrid Premium Service extensively, I bought a normal Premium Account for 4.99€. My current internet connection has a maximum download speed of 200 Mbit per second and I use the Jdownloader or the Google Chrome Download Manager.

I was able to download the 500 MB Uploaded test file without any problems using the multihoster Deepbrid. Using the simple browser, I achieved a download speed of about 20 MB per second. The 500 MB were on my hard drive within a few seconds.

deepbrid uploaded download

Unfortunately, I could not download the file from I only got the error message: "Error: Filehoster not Supported". In a few days I will repeat the test and try again. The fact is particularly annoying because the filehoster actually has the status "online".

We were able to reach the French file hoster without any problems and download the test file at about 20 MB per second.

1fichier deepbrid download

I also received the error message "Error: Filehoster not supported" from the file hoster

deepbrid error filehoster not supported


I could not reach Keep2Share either and got the error message: "Error Filehoster under maintenance on our site".

I was able to reach the file hoster and was able to download the test file at about 1.5 MB per second.

mediafire deepbrid

Supported filehosters

Supposedly 83 premium filehosters are supported. My experience has shown that you cannot rely on the list on the website.

Payment methods, Bitcoin, Paypal and Co.

There are numerous payment methods to choose from at I paid for my premium account via Bitcoin. The transfer went smoothly and the premium account was activated in a few minutes. Of course, you can also pay by credit card and other cryptocurrencies.

Payment methods:

  • Payment by credit card
  • Amazon Pay
  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin


My experience with is very mixed. I could reach Uploaded well and the price is very good. However, I find it particularly bad that you could not reach numerous filehosters and that support is actually promised. For these reasons, I recommend the multihoster Linksnappy and would advise against Deepbrid.


Field reports


Fritz 11 March 2021 at 15:07

Completely unserious and unprofessional. Payment often doesn't work or the money is taken but there is no response to tickets. In addition, many hosters are falsely identified as online, even though this is not the case.
Conclusion: Definitely avoid.


Fritz 18 March 2021 at 19:57

Caution, scammers!!!
Money was transferred but no premium access was released. There has also been no response to tickets for over a week now.
Deepbrid should be avoided like the devil avoids holy water!


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